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In search of love

In search of love

img Adventure
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Author: Remedy
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Synopsis. Cynthia is a slut, or at least that's what you would call her when you see her at different hotels every night. But it goes beyond that. After growing up with a mother who had a new husband every season, Cynthia concluded to never be committed to one man. She wasn't interested in commitment, loyalty or any of that bullshit. A different man every night meant no entanglements or pains or betrayal. It was easier for her to breeze through men than be loyal and get cheated on. Kylas jubsin, on the other hand, needs commitment. He needs a wife, so he returns to his hometown to find one. But unfortunately, he finds Cynthia , who hates him with burning passion. She is no longer the little nerdy girl with pigtails and square-framed glasses he knew back then. The new Cynthia is now a full-grown woman with confidence and nonchalance practically oozing as she walks by. Kylas needs a wife to be loyal to him and love him for him. Cynthia isn't interested in commitments, relationships or titles. Would they work it out? And what happens when Cynthia finds out about Kylas's dirty little secret?

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