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"Lights! Camera! Action! Pose. Kiss. Hug. That's it, we are done." "Now get your filthy hands off me!" He whispered to me. "Oh please! I would not touch dirt like you if not for the pictures." I whispered back, whilst giving a fake smile. _________ Ruby Coker understands what it means to be compared to her sister all her life. She has always been the neglected one and has always been used as a consolation price. She however didn't forsee getting married to her childhood bully just for a business alliance. Not ever would she have seen it coming and the worst part was that she had no choice. Toby Daniels is a man who's used to getting all he wants. Fame. Power. Wealth. He however didn't have a say in one thing, his bride. And that infuriates him so much. They both took their vows, acted like loving couples in the public while in the private, they hated eachother so much. Here is a Glimpse into what happens behind the spotlight and what it means to just fake it all for the camera.

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