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Billionaire's Little Obsession

Billionaire's Little Obsession

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~PROLOGUE~ ••• She's not married to him legally, But found herself being trapped under this man fingers. This mysterious boss of hers. He calls him little bride, And treat her like one. •~• Atherton, California in America is one of the richest in the state, The rich ones dominated the town, Perhaps you found the poor ones there, They are either maids or squats with one of the workers in the rich family mansion. Magnolia could be found in this category, Her mum Renata works for the Hampson family. She's pretty, A little but skinny but have moderate boobs and ass as well, She has a pale skin, Which she tried her best to maintain for the past years. She talks a lot, And does not easily give into difficult situations, She's brave and cheerful. Mag just graduated from the college and the family were kind enough to let her stay in the mansion. She got lucky, Mag was offered a job as a secretary to the richest man in California, Maynard, From the Alvarez clan. He's rich, Talk less, Handsome, Few people were oppoortuned to see his face,Has no single attraction for women, There were rumours that he has went through lots of facial surgery because he's born ugly. He didn't bother to clear all this rumours since he's strict and work-minded. This pale white lady appointed as his secretary triggers something in him which made the billionaire fall helpessly for her.

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