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Hungry Sex

Hungry Sex

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Author: Eunice Nwodu
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Warning: This book is highly explicit and contains compilation of different erotic stories in it. For readers 18 years and above. Read at your own risk. *** He relentlessly punished her with his strokes and she moaned in response to every hit. "Your ass is so red. Who is to blame for that?" He asked dropping his hands on the wall so he effortlessly reaches her hilt with his grinds. "Me." She whispered. "Why you?" "I asked for it." She answered. "Your pussy is amazing, Megan." With that, he made the last hit leading to her wild orgasm. Her juice poured like a river and she shouted as much as her vocal cords could go. Kai withdrew his cock from her and the cream spilled out. *** Happy Reading.

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