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Ground Zero

Ground Zero

img Sci-fi
img 24 Chapters
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Author: asteriaguild_
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Welcome to Ground Zero! Choose your weapons wisely, Be as clever as you can be. Where the faint hearted Is unqualified, And only the almighty Can ride with the tide. Fasten your seat belt, And let the wheels pelt. Here comes your worst nightmare, They can be anywhere. Time is ticking, And blood is running. With glory and fame, Comes with gore And shame. **** When half of the world’s population was plagued by a virus caused by a mutated leech, those who are infected tend to go feral and crave for human flesh. As carnage began destroying the country of Astraeus, the artificial city became open for survivors. Trinity Veinne, one of the few survivors who detests the unjust system of the government, encounters a group of aspiring journalists whom she shares a common goal; expose the controversy behind the virus outbreak.

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