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img img Werewolf img The Alpha’s Mate Who Cried Wolf
The Alpha’s Mate Who Cried Wolf,supernovel

The Alpha’s Mate Who Cried Wolf

img Werewolf
img 107Chapters
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Author: supernovel
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Astrid lives alone with her dad; she has no idea she is a werewolf or that they even exist! It turns out the man that helped raise Astrid isn't her father at all, he tells her that her mother wanted her to have a ""normal"" life until the day she turned eighteen when she would have no choice but to tell Astrid the truth about her identity. After a tragedy that killed her mother, her father turns abusive towards her over the years for her mother's death. Astrid remained completely unaware of her heritage, until a man named Ryker comes into her life claiming they are mates!

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