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img img Young Adult img Don't Say the Jinn Word
Don't Say the Jinn Word

Don't Say the Jinn Word

img Young Adult
img 49 Chapters
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Author: MAVIE
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Hannah is a young British-Pakistani girl living in East London. Her strict household makes it difficult for her to escape from the pressure of being a good daughter. One such pressure leads her on a fairy-tale romance with a guy she meets at the British Museum. He ticks all the boxes except one. He isn't human. He belongs to the realm of Jinns. Hannah soon discovers the guy she's falling in love with is a prisoner, bound to an ancient vase for 1000 years for a crime that wasn't entirely his fault. To release the love of her life from his sentence, Hannah must embark on a dangerous journey that will not only break her away from her own family but will also attract the attention of entities in the Jinn world that should never have learned how far a human will go to save the Jinn she loves. Don't Say the Jinn Word is created by MAVIE, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

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