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So into CEO Daddy

So into CEO Daddy

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"Six years ago, Taylor Wood tricked Daniel Brook and took massive intimate photos only to take revenge on her cousin, who had loved Daniel for years. Little did Taylor know that Daniel was the kind of man that she could never afford to offend. He is dangerous, powerful, ruthless and arrogant. After their first unhappy encounter, Taylor went abroad to further her studies. Six years later, Taylor becomes a famous jewellery designer and comes back with her lovely daughter. Having forgotten what happened between Daniel and her, Taylor was very confused and scary when she was held in Daniel’s arms, but before she could think further, she was shocked that Daniel unexpectedly fell asleep in her embrace. Both of them could not figure out the reason, while Daniel doubted if she was exactly the medicine to him. The next time they met each other was at her meeting with a master jeweller, where Daniel was attracted by her confidence and talents again. Afterwards, they meet again and again, her memories comes back and the love between them silently grows..."

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