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So into CEO Daddy

So into CEO Daddy

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"Six years ago, Taylor Wood tricked Daniel Brook and took massive intimate photos only to take revenge on her cousin, who had loved Daniel for years. Little did Taylor know that Daniel was the kind of man that she could never afford to offend. He is dangerous, powerful, ruthless and arrogant. After their first unhappy encounter, Taylor went abroad to further her studies. Six years later, Taylor becomes a famous jewellery designer and comes back with her lovely daughter. Having forgotten what happened between Daniel and her, Taylor was very confused and scary when she was held in Daniel’s arms, but before she could think further, she was shocked that Daniel unexpectedly fell asleep in her embrace. Both of them could not figure out the reason, while Daniel doubted if she was exactly the medicine to him. The next time they met each other was at her meeting with a master jeweller, where Daniel was attracted by her confidence and talents again. Afterwards, they meet again and again, her memories comes back and the love between them silently grows..."

Chapter 1 A Plot

In a five-star hotel.

"Fuck! Why hasn't he come yet?" Taylor Wood gnashed as she rubbed her sore legs.

Taylor rolled her eyes and turned around her sore neck while forcing on listening to what was happening outside the cabinet door.

That's right! Right outside the cabinet door.

At this moment, she was curled up in the cabinet's corner in a very awkward posture, her hands and feet stiff and her body sore.

"He is not coming, is he? No! It took me ten thousand yuan to buy the waiter!"

As she was muttering in a low voice, there were footsteps sounding through the cabinet door.

She immediately held her breath and gently pressed her ear against the cabinet door, listening attentively to the movement outside.

"Master, how are you feeling now?" It was a man's voice, saying with a little worry and anxiety.

A few seconds later, another low-pitched male voice came, "I'm okay."

His voice was so cold and even arctic.

Even with the thick door, Taylor could sense the coldness in his voice.

She knew the master from the voice.

Or it should be put like this: she had met him on TV and the Internet to be exact.

Daniel Brook, the one she came here to meet.

"Master, how about I get you a woman?" It could tell from the man's voice that he was more worried and even angry.

"Don't bother."

Daniel's voice was even colder, but his tone was erratic somehow.

As if—As if he was holding back something.

"You go handle that. I don't want to see that person again." Daniel continued, along with an inaudible rubbing sound of cloth.

"I got it, master. But you—"

"I'll be fine after I take a cold bath."

Hearing this, Taylor was so excited that her eyes were lit up.

It would be best if he went to take a bath.

Only when he was in the bathroom did she get time to add some sleeping pills in his water!

In this way, the special incense in the room, coupled with the effect of sleeping pills, was enough to make him sleep till dawn!

Then she could take any photo she wanted to take.

"Master, please rest assured. I'll keep you guarded, and my men will be outside. No one would have any chance to get in."


Taylor listened more carefully to the sound of footsteps drifting away and finally disappeared as the door locked with a "click" sound.

Then, there was the sound of steady footsteps, heading to the right.

Did he go to take a shower?

About ten seconds later, there was a splash of water in the direction of the bathroom.

A minute later, after hearing the sound of the water change, she breathed a long sigh of relief— It was time!

She gently and slowly pulled the cabinet door open.

The glare of the room made her squint, and she had to blink her eyes vigorously before the discomfort disappeared.

After confirming that there was no one in the living room through the gap, she wide-opened the cabinet door and crawled out gently.

The moment she stood on the ground, her feet were painful and numb, like they were pierced by hundreds of needles.

Taylor took a deep breath, and ran to the bar quickly, ignoring the pain of her feet.

While observing the bathroom, she quickly took off the cloisonne bracelet on her wrist, broke it open, and poured all the powder inside into the wine, which was decanting.

After shaking the bottle a few times and confirming that the red wine seemed right, she tiptoed back to the cabinet.

After a few minutes, the sound of water stopped abruptly, and the footsteps became clear gradually.

Drink the wine! Drink the wine! Just drink it! - Taylor put her hands together, praying inwardly.

When she heard the swallowing sound of the throat, she couldn't help but raise the corner of her mouth and laughed happily.

It was good that he drank it!

All she had to do now was just waiting quietly.

Ten minutes later, Taylor stood by the double bed in the bedroom and looked at the man who fell asleep in surprise.

With straight eyebrows, slender eyes, high nose, and thin lips, his facial features were exquisite and delicate. Like a work carefully carved by God, he was almost perfect. Even if Taylor had seen this face many times on the screen, at this moment, her heartbeat still stopped uncontrollably.

Plain dark brown shirt and black trousers outlined his slender figure.

Only the button on the front of his shirt was still buttoned, exposing his strong well-textured chest. He was indeed skinny with clothes on, yet brawny in the buff.

However, he seemed to be sleeping very uncomfortably. His brows frowned, a thin layer of sweat covered his forehead, and his cheeks were a little red.

No wonder Abby Wood was so obsessed with him that she kept screaming at home all day, saying that she would only marry him. Moreover, Abby even signed a contract that would cost the company tens of millions of losses just because of him!

Thinking of this, Taylor came to her senses instantly.

Right, Abby Wood!

She came over today to take a secret photo of him and herself so that she could provoke her cousin Abby Wood!

She should hurry up, or she would be doomed once being discovered!

Taylor took out her mobile phone, turned on the selfie button of the camera, and then carefully climbed onto the bed. She lay down beside the man and pulled the thin blanket to cover both of them below their necks.

Putting her cheeks close to the man's thin lips, she pressed the camera button.

After taking a few shots, Taylor looked at them kissing sweetly on the screen with satisfaction. But on second thought, she felt that it was not enough.

She took out the man's well-structured arms from the quilt cautiously, and then put her head in his arms in a twisted posture extremely carefully.

Afterward, she buried her entire face in his chest and continued to take pictures.

After taking a dozen more shots, she put her phone away in satisfaction, raised her eyebrows, and got out of bed swiftly.

She then turned off the floor lamp, turned around and prepared to leave.

But there was a burning touch on her forearm all of a sudden.

Her heart sank. The before she had time to react, a brute force pulled her back within a blink.

Her mind began to spin, and the back of her head slammed on the bed. Even with the soft quilt, she was still lightheaded.

Through the moonlight, Taylor's eyes were filled with horror as she looked at Daniel, who was pressing on her.

She just wanted to take a few photos that pretended to be intimate and wanted to anger the cousin's family who had taken her fortune, but she didn't plan to sacrifice herself here!

Damn it! Were the sleeping pills and incense she bought expired??? Why did they not work on this man?!!!

Damn the one who sold her expired medicines. She was damned now!!!

Her shoulders were tightly confined by the man's wide and hot palms, so she couldn't move at all.

When she faced the man's slender eyes, she found that his eyes were scarlet, and his cheeks were also abnormally red.

Before she could scream, her lips had been blocked by the man who leaned down.

Daniel tightened his eyebrows, closed his eyes, and kissed her lips roughly.

His sweat rolled down like beads and dripped on her face. His temperature was very hot.

In a panic, Taylor bit hard, and then the bloody smell spread in her mouth suddenly.

But the man didn't seem to feel the pain. He didn't loosen his hand a bit, but even his palm trailed down her shoulders.

Taylor's eyes widened suddenly, her body trembling uncontrollably because of fear.

"Let go of me, let go..."

She slapped him hard on the back, struggling desperately.

But the man didn't respond and concentrated on what he was doing.

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