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My Reiz

My Reiz

img Romance
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Author: Annna24
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"Married? Who's getting married?" Rin asked again. "Of course you and Reiz." Tania answered, which made Rin widen her eyes. "What?" Rin hoped she had heard wrong. "Rinata, Reiz will marry you this week." Mr. Mark spoke up. Rin turned her gaze to Mr. Mark. "B... But why did Mr. Reiz marry me?" Rin stammered. "Of course you have to get married, you two live together aren't you?" Ask Mr. Mark. "Yes, we do live together, because I work for Mr. Reiz as his housekeeper..." Rin tried to explain. "But we..." Rin's words were cut off, everyone's eyes centered on her.

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