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img img Fantasy img Legend Of Marauder : The Dawn of Supremes
Legend Of Marauder : The Dawn of Supremes

Legend Of Marauder : The Dawn of Supremes

img Fantasy
img 67 Chapters
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Author: D. Ellihurt
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What if I told you that they were right? That Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman, The Loch Ness monster and yes, even The Boogey man were actually real? What if I told you your parents were right when they told you that there are monsters and demons that lurked in the shadows at night? I have seen those monsters, through visions of prophecy and none have baffled me more than The Marauder and The Supremes. Beings even Science could not explain, creatures that held godlike power for so long and walked among us as both oppressors and at times, as saviors. This is one such prophecy I had that I had to put on paper. Call it a story if you wish (it would actually make me feel less crazy). But this is the story of Brendan Payne; the sixteen year old high school boy who went from a regular teenager to finding out that he was not human but instead was born into a race of beings that were destined to be the final and perfect stage of evolution. And by finding out his destiny, Brendan is torn between fighting for the humans who resented him and joining forces with the beautiful but merciless and callous witch, Finch. The Legend Of Marauder

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