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img img Romance img Waiting For You
Waiting For You

Waiting For You

img Romance
img 30 Chapters
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Author: Bianca Louise
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A love that can never be, a marriage she can not escape, a web of lies too dark to untangle. Can Caitlyn discover the truth before it kills her? Or will her sense of duty blind her to the one thing that could save her. With the light of her heart gone and presumed dead, Caitlyn's father promises her hand to Lord Brenhin, a man followed by ghastly rumours and evil deeds. Faced with no other choice, she marries him, and quickly discovers that all is not as it seems. Once in her new home and surprised by the goodness of her new husband, Caitlyn finds herself torn between her old wants and the new. That is, until a shadow from her past returns and old rumours turn into disturbing new truths.

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