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img img Young Adult img The Beast and His Beauty
The Beast and His Beauty

The Beast and His Beauty

img Young Adult
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Author: Jane Kingsley
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We all have that one boy in high school who feels like the demi god of his grade, Elon used to be one of them until his curse. "So are we beginning a new relationship?" Xena asked as she saw Elon walk into the room with his towel hung loose on his waist and water dripping down his rock hard chest. "I actually expected you to be gone before I came back." He said not answering her question. "Elon you just took my pride and you're expecting me to be gone before you came back? We're supposed to become a thing after this." Hot tears roll down her face, she didn't want to believe what her mind was telling her. "Listen cupcake, I don't care what I took from you but I need you to know you're not the kind of girl I'd go after and get the f**k outta my room, I don't do relationships." He thundered and she was cross, with the tears in her eyes and the blood filled bedsheet in her hands she cried loudly laying a curse on Elon. "A monster you shall become for not having love in you, for only monsters have no love. You shall look as beastly as an untamed bear that no lady shall cast a second glance on you. I'd have loved the curse to remain forever but I have a heart of gold and I give you three years to fall in love with someone who would break your heart into pieces before you become normal and live with the heartbreak." She vanished afterwards leaving Elon to transform in the presence of his friends she hasn't noticed where there. Black veins spurt on every part of his body and Elon could feel his blood boil as he turned ugly. He had three years to fall in love and get heartbroken and Elon had a heart of stone. Is he going to find love or remain this way forever?

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