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The Bad Guy Kissed Me,Taefiagguk

The Bad Guy Kissed Me



"Oh c'mon! We'll see that you're fucking me or being 'fucked by me' yeah?" "Of course the 'bad guy' won't end up being 'fucked by you' that easily hmm?" Kim Taehyung is a psychopath werewolf who intends to hide his identity and hooks up with humans whenever he feels like, being the ultimate playboy of the university but until a certain vampire comes to his territory to claim his whores introducing himself as the handsome guy. But not everything goes per plan every time.

Along with the Murderer,TrueLoveKiss

Along with the Murderer



From writer to readers Hello, I'm TrueLoveKiss. This book is going the second novel that I've written ^ ^. Firstly, I have to put a trigger warning right here before leading you all to the story. Because there are some parts in this book that you may need discretion the read. Secondly, this book has parts that describe about committed suicide, manslaughter, kidnapping, physical abuse, sexual intercourse, and violence. Lastly, his book could be one of the Dark Fantasy which was made for those who are interested in this kind of book. I've written this book just for entertainment. The story inside of the book including the characters wasn’t real and not existing in the real world. Only read for the entertainment do not imitate. ........................................................................................................ "Human, when they are at the breaking point. They can become anything and could do everything. But is that breaking point reasonable enough to turn a good person into a cold-blooded murderer? That's it." ........................................................................................................ Jarette: A demented man who has OSDD-1a and Borderline Personality Disorder. His early adulthood was doing fine, just like the others. While his life was ongoing, an unexpected incident had happened. He became a murderer and killed two victims in revenge. But while he was kidnapping the second victim. Someone had become his witness. Gared: student in a university who's going to graduate in a few months later. One day he had become a captive of the demented murderer because he witnesses the kidnapping of the murderer's second victim. Even so, the victim he was trying to help was killed right before his eyes by the cold-blooded murderer. And was threatened him… “If you try to escape and tell anybody about this incident. You're going to end up like that prostitute.”

Away From Bullies,Emerald king

Away From Bullies



Theo has a crush on a girl but cannot tell it to her. His friend Adam tries to encourage him to speak up but he refuses. Will he ever let her know how he feels towards her?

Custodians of Tomorrow ,Mansurat

Custodians of Tomorrow



Santala kingdom has never been this vulnerable. The king is sick and weak. Jealous eyes are casted on the throne. The king is resting his hopes on his daughter - Shanmala to master her powers, find a Tanti and ascend the throne. Meanwhile, the sun refuses to set the night her date, a prince from Fananala visits. After that, several anomalies hit the kingdom accompanied by a series of attacks. Shamala finds herself struggling to save her kingdom. In the process she learns about shocking revelations. Everything seems to be weighing her down and in that moment, she falls in love.

Lose My Heart To My Ex-wife,C. MASSY

Lose My Heart To My Ex-wife



Sara thought that four years of marriage was enough to inflame a spellbinding romance with Jacob. However, when he divorced her, she knew that their marriage was incomparable to the enthrallment of his first love. While she was gone, he realized that he was hesitant to let her go. Sara thought everything was over until someone knocked on her door. Her ex-husband smiled playfully as he pulled her into his arms and said, "I want to marry you again. Let's go home, honey."

The Beast and His Beauty,Jane Kingsley

The Beast and His Beauty

Young Adult


We all have that one boy in high school who feels like the demi god of his grade, Elon used to be one of them until his curse. "So are we beginning a new relationship?" Xena asked as she saw Elon walk into the room with his towel hung loose on his waist and water dripping down his rock hard chest. "I actually expected you to be gone before I came back." He said not answering her question. "Elon you just took my pride and you're expecting me to be gone before you came back? We're supposed to become a thing after this." Hot tears roll down her face, she didn't want to believe what her mind was telling her. "Listen cupcake, I don't care what I took from you but I need you to know you're not the kind of girl I'd go after and get the f**k outta my room, I don't do relationships." He thundered and she was cross, with the tears in her eyes and the blood filled bedsheet in her hands she cried loudly laying a curse on Elon. "A monster you shall become for not having love in you, for only monsters have no love. You shall look as beastly as an untamed bear that no lady shall cast a second glance on you. I'd have loved the curse to remain forever but I have a heart of gold and I give you three years to fall in love with someone who would break your heart into pieces before you become normal and live with the heartbreak." She vanished afterwards leaving Elon to transform in the presence of his friends she hasn't noticed where there. Black veins spurt on every part of his body and Elon could feel his blood boil as he turned ugly. He had three years to fall in love and get heartbroken and Elon had a heart of stone. Is he going to find love or remain this way forever?





If she had known that her life was going to change while performing her duties as a maid, she wondered what would have changed if she had not went there in the first place? Her life took a drastic change when fate smiled upon her. Her life changed when she was chosen to become the bride of the prince and it even intensified when secrets started coming out. How will Talia settle with her new life? Will she be able to easily accept all of this or run away with her tail between her legs





In a large shopping mall we went. It was three storeys high, complete with restaurants and fast-food chains. He guided me to the second floor where all of the goods I had specified to him were located. Again, stores after stores were lined up for me choose, but I decided to enter one where its window knickknacks caught my eyes. The store was named, Ann Summers. Weird things. I most certainly hadn't seen objects like these in my entire life. The shapes were weird too; circular, elongated, heart-shaped in bold neon colors. There were even objects that looked like rods and cuffs of different sizes and colorful jelly rings with studs. My brain immediately registered children's toys? However, the moment I stepped inside the store, my brain immediately scratched the word CHILDREN and replaced it with ADULT! My eyes widened as I took in every single detail that welcomed me. Eriol, who trailed behind me earlier, now stood right in my side. He gave a light tap on my shoulder to which I immediately jerked away. Our eyes met and I swear he looked at me with a twinkle of mischief. 'Funny, you seem to have lost your way directly into this place, Milady,' he said and gave me a freaking roguish grin! ~ 0 ~ I am hoping that my vacation in my Aunt's mansion is worth it. Leaving my volunteer work in Nepal abruptly is not what I wanted but there is nothing I can do, my Aunt is just too insistent. I know staying in there would be enjoyable, but I never thought that everyday would become something more... more than unbearable, and it all stems to a certain man - the head butler of the house - specifically too attentive of me. Genre: Supernatural Romance Status: Completed All Rights Reserved 2020 JMFelic Books

Self Discovery,afroMike

Self Discovery



This book point one back to the purpose of existence. A guide to help cope with life and dealing with inferiority complex in order to have great confidence and a health self esteem. With real life examples of how the author lived in insecurity and how all this changed.

The Billionaire's Addiction,Royalpen

The Billionaire's Addiction



Alyssa Hall, A young adult who lived in her small world of shuffling between schooling, working and taking care of her sick sister. Carlo Morris, A devilishly handsome billionaire, Does whatever he wants to whomever he feels like, He believed only in money and power, Those two forces drove his world. As much as Carlo craved to have Alyssa on his bed, she kept running away from him —refusing to be a rich man's prey. But what happens when love brings them together and they can't run away from what they feel? Until he met her, He never knew what Love was. Until she met him, She never knew love could have a deeper meaning than just lustfully crushing over a beautiful man. She became his addiction, But can he ever be with her?

'CURSE OF LIFE'' (BXB),sylle yeri




"Theodore doesn't came from a rich family, it's so opposite from what he deserved. his father only use his mother before for his sexually needs and nothing more, and immediately leave after knowing she is pregnant. the life for Theodore is so hard, that until one day his mother died from heart disease and leaving him all alone. Theodore was so broken at that time but he can't do anything since the most important person of his life has already passed now. and that's the reason why he is working now on a club, entertaining costumers every night. dancing against his will for a year now. but then one night during his duty on a club, he met this guy named Timothy, A very riched guy. and ask him to lived with him. but what if Timothy's true intention to Theodore bloom? what will happened to them when this person came to their life? will they last together? or not?"

White Lake High School (DIMPLES) ,SHANTOYA

White Lake High School (DIMPLES)



White Lake High School, a supernatural institution with supposedly mundane students yet to manifest their supernatural potential. One of them being me, Kelly Isabella McHale, hated by all but only hate one. The infamous, Instagram sensation 'Dimples'. Why do I hate him, you ask? Well, my first response will be the fact that ever since he came into existence, bad things have been happening to me, like barred from a good college bad. But the real reason begins with my initiation into the supernatural world through the death of Henry. 'Looks at the sky' The full moon draws near...or should I saw the blue moon. 'Eyes glow....'

In Spite of Love,Mahii

In Spite of Love



Nothing haunts like the things we don't say" Thats the story of two people one trying to find something which was lost in the past And the other trying to run away from the past İn between all this chaos these opposites happen to meet each other and that's when some secrets were revealed which shouldn't be disclosed... ___________________________________________ "Just tell me one reason why you always drive me away from you"cried emiley in a shaking voice "Why whenever i am close to you or trying to get you close you keep sendinh me know that i have already lost a friend of mine and now when i finally have another one i don't wanna lose you" "Because whenever i am with you i always feel stuffiness"said .....angrily "From the day you have entered in my life it became a complete mess justt go away i don't want to seee you anymore and..." "İf really thats the i am sorry i will not bother you anymore sorry for being selfish. İ got it. friendship should be mutual. Sorry for all the time i have forced myself on you i will not do this anymore" said emiley cutting ...... Sentence while wiping her tears. "So we are complete strangers from now on"said ....... "Yess totally"said emiley in a numb voice while going out of the room with tears which were blurring her view. . The room filled with complete silence and partial darkness moonlight coming from the side window iluminating the tears on hero's face "I love you so much emiley..."said hero Crying "I can't make you part of this dark world. i am sorry i can't keep you by side even if i always wanted to..i hope you will forgive me for always lying to you" he said while holding a half burnt picture close to his chest closing his eyes and resting his back on the wall with

My Other Half,dangerous_lyn27

My Other Half



Blaire fell in love with one of her obsessive bands. But the man doesn't know her, because every time they are together her real face and identity is hidden. Moreover, Blaire is an Architect who became a Personal Assistant and all she had to do was to follow the famous vocalist of the Band of War, Johnthony Petter. She chased after him, but she continued to be rejected. Rejected because the man thought they didn't feel the same way. So when the mistake happened between the two of them, Blaire left because something had formed in her womb. But when she you came back, it was his mother herself, who suggested that she go back to being his son's Personal Assistant. Blaire agreed immediately because she wanted to follow him again. As time goes on, she falls on him again, the feeling that she burying in her heart is also slowly coming back. What will happen to Blaire Catherine Lynne Castro Saladermia in the company of a Johnthony Petter who did nothing but hurt her. And what would happen to Johnthony Petter if he found out that the woman he was with was the woman he was longing for. Especially when he found out that they had a child. Will they find their "OTHER HALF"

Mr. Billionaire's Unwanted Bride,-ANNA-

Mr. Billionaire's Unwanted Bride



“You wanted to marry me right?” He asked as he threw her against the wall. She hissed from pain and looked at the man in front of her. He was heartless towards her but yet he’s the most handsome man she has ever seen. “F**CKING ANSWER ME ISABELLA” She shuddered under his dangerous gaze and his shout so she nodded at him with fear. “Alright, let’s play the game till one of us dies” A cold smirk appeared on his face as he watched her fear filled face. ……… Dylan Hendrix was the only heir of the Hendrix family and a billionaire. He wanted to give up on everything and go to the army but his parents forced him to marry the most gorgeous and innocent woman in their city and she was Isabella Anderson. An innocent doctor who spent her whole time with cancer patients. No one knew that her childhood crush and the man she loved was Dylan.