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A Messed Up Fairytale

A Messed Up Fairytale

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Author: BubbleGum
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Syrus leaves his palace only because of his marriage. The queen forced him to marry a girl he never liked. After an year, at his marriage anniversary he returns with a mistress named Annabelle, making everybody furious except for his wife Myrtle who is supporting his action. Syrus is suspicious of her actions and warns her to not harm Annabelle. And surprisingly she doesn’t hurt her rather then that she protects her from those who mistreats her, Syrus gets uncomfortable because of her actions and starts to keep an eye on her actions and he soon realise that Myrtle is not what she looks like and that she has huge plans up her sleeve. Will Myrtle break them apart? Or will she win Syrus’s heart without even trying? Above all what is Myrtle’s real goal? Read the story to get the answers…

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