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img img Romance img When Playboy Meets Playgirl (English Version)
When Playboy Meets Playgirl (English Version)

When Playboy Meets Playgirl (English Version)

img Romance
img 5 Chapters
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Author: Priskila Wi
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Forget the story of a bad boy with a good girl and vice versa. It's so ancient! Supposedly, playboys meet playgirls, so they can repent! "Aha! Finally, I got you, Miss. Do you still remember who I am? Now you have to pay for all your mistakes!" said Giancarlo quietly. He used a threatening tone in the girl's ear as he grabbed her right hand. "What did you mean? I have never known you!" Verina denied. She tried to release her gripped hands, but to no avail. Verina Astokova was surprised when she met a handsome man at a dance mask party. The man is a man she once slapped in a restaurant when her friend gave her a challenge while playing truth or dare. The incident had a fatal outcome: Giancarlo broke up with his lover, resulting in a grudge in his heart. He vows to find Verina, as well as make calculations. When fate brings the playboy and playgirl together, what will they do next? Will there be a genuine love story or just mere lust? Find the answer in this novel.

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