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img img Werewolf img The lost Alpha heir
The lost Alpha heir

The lost Alpha heir

img Werewolf
img 55 Chapters
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Author: Candy FG
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Miles is an Alpha the next heir to the throne in the polatan kingdom. Miles lost his dad on a fight for the throne when he was only ten years old. His Aunt that's Miles father's only sister named Luna was greedy for the throne so she killed her only brother just to get the throne. Such a tragic event made Miles run away from polatan kingdom to the human reign on a full blood moon. Miles got to the human reign and was blessed with riches because of his trinity powers. He was only 15years old when he made fame as the youngest billionaire known in history. Miles crossed path with his mate Zoe in college. Zoe didn't like Miles because he was filthy rich and she had to accomplish her aunt's command by getting back the trinity. Zoe found out Miles is the trinity lord. How is she supposed to get the trinity from him.

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