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img img Romance img You're the pilot of my life
You're the pilot of my life

You're the pilot of my life

img Romance
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Author: Ahaana
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Ahaan Kapoor- 27 year old,The only son of famous Kapoor family of bollywood, Superstar, Fans all over the world especially girls, Everyone's favourite in the family, Handsome, 6ft tall, workaholic, loves to party, Mr. Perfectionist. He has a playboy image in his industry but only his inner circle knows that he is quite simple and single guy. Ahaana Deshmukh- 22 year old, Assistant pilot in Mauritius airlines, loves to travel a lot, beautiful, innocent,kind and very naive girl, youngest of all siblings and the only daughter of the family (fully pampered), loves her family a lot. She doesn't have any interests in life's of actors and models especially the bollywood one's, she thinks they're quite arrogant and rude. Ahaan and Ahaana two people from completely different backgrounds. This story is about 'When a Bollywood superstar falls for a airline pilot'. It all started with a fling and then they drifted apart without even exchanging their contacts. Will they ever meet again ? Will it be easy for them to stick by each other? Will they find their happily ever after? Let's join them in their sweet enchanting love story filled with lot's of twists, misunderstandings and loads of love ofcourse.

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