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At last it was you-2

At last it was you-2

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‘Rose’ a girl who have gone through a lot in her childhood endure everything until one incident change her whole life. In again to seek her revenge she transform herself but when she meet Caldrin, he helps her to regain herself but his death trigger her. Will Rose finds her true happiness after all this suffering ?

Chapter 1 Beginning

No one wants to be a hard one. This is their tough childhood which make them like that. ‘Rose Reid’ I want to share the story of this girl who was once soft hearten and just want to be with her love ones. But with time she lose everyone she ones care for. She never ask god why she was left alone but always try to live a life each day better. Since her rough childhood she never want any money nor status but only love. But who knows god will bring a tragic incident on that day!

Rose wake up and found herself in the hospital. She saw bandages overall her body. She felt pain. She remember her so called step mom pussing her from the cliff. ‘Bang!’

Doctor rushes inside the room to see her. They monitor her and feel relieved. A nurse look at her and told her, “you have finally woke up from the coma. Two months before a rich president who owns this hospital bring you here. There were so many wounds like you fell off the cliff. None of your parents came in search off you”

Rose tries to wake up but all her body was wrap with bandages. The nurse hold her try to lift her and said sadly, “Actually your face was damage so we have done your plastic surgery”

Rose frowned. She tries to touch the face but it was covered with bandage. The nurse look at her and again add, “ Don’t think too much. You are given this new life by god. You are lucky to survive from such accident. Just have rest and go through the treatment and you will be fine”

Hearing this rose lie down and start to think. Her mind went blind thinking of how she had gone through. Soon after 2 months she recover and was about to leave the hospital but she want to thank the person who save her life.

“Can I meet the president?” Rose ask the nurse.

She replied, “ The president only told command us to treat you and leave you. He doesn’t allow us to let you meet her.

I asked, “I want to say a thanks as he save my life”

Nurse replied, “I can tell you about the office but don’t mention my name “

“Ok” Rose replied.

Nurse gave her the address and completing the discharge formalities Rose left the hospital. After long time she wore a outdress and came out of the hospital. She might have already decide to take her revenge in those time in hospital. She got a new face and for all she was dead so she can began new as the nurse say.

She went directly to the presIdent office. After taking appointment and sitting in the lodge she was called soon. Maybe the president had recognized her. She went inside. The office was big with well designed furniture. In front of her was a 40 year old man who looks cool in his suit like a boss.

Rose was nervous and she stood infront of him holding both of her hands forward. She puts a smileand said,”thank you Mr.Ruth for saving my life”

She saw the name before entering the office at side of the door.

The man got up and said, “ I know you are dead to all and nowhere to go so i want you to be my goddaughter”

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