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My Cat Husband [BL]

My Cat Husband [BL]

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√ Updates on every Friday and Saturday --------------- Infidelity How do humans react to it? They feel pain, sadness, hurt and insecurity. They feel angry, humiliated and sometimes to the point of feeling murderous. Liang Kong didn't feel any of that. He simply chooses to walk away and leave behind everything. -------------- Liang Kong, a 22-year-old cold-blooded man is going through the dark night of the soul. A man who was once at the pinnacle of his life is now reduced to an ordinary café owner. He chooses to bury his emotions and drown in work. His stale life takes a turn when he rescues a wounded cat on a rainy night. Later, Liang Kong discovers that the cat isn't an ordinary cat at all when he finds a stark naked man inside his apartment instead of his cat. Who is the naked stranger? What is the connection between this man and his cat? Most importantly, why is this man clinging onto him! *dark night of the soul- means a period of life where you are going through extreme pain or sadness due to a horrible experience.* ---------------- After a very long time - Small Theater : The handsome devil: ~Wifey~ Wifey : What? * Tries to push the clingy man away *😣 The handsome devil : Why did you let that bastard touch you? * pinched his wife's waist lightly * Wifey : Hey, I was caught off guard, okay so I didn't have time to react when he touched me. What's wrong with you? * angrily barked *👿 The handsome devil (darkened): ~Wifey~ It seems like you need to be punished *threw him on the bed and pounced*😻 Later- Wifey (Who was eaten clean): My waist Q_Q (╥﹏╥) Clingy, wife slave ML X Cold yet cute MC --------------- English is my second language so pardon grammar errors. Contains mild sexual content, violence and romance between boys. Cover images not mine. I just edited it. Started: 13/07/21

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