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img img Young Adult img Knowing Jude
Knowing Jude

Knowing Jude

img Young Adult
img 60 Chapters
img 10.5K View
Author: S.H. Waen
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"You're not the kind of girl I'd usually kiss," he says, his eyes latching onto my lips. "But I'll do it anyway." Then the cocky jerk leans in and kisses me. ____ Jude Walker is a troubled soul. As a little boy, he made a mistake that made him grow up with hate from his siblings and unacceptance from his dad. He is depressed, suicidal, and a bad boy. Ava Jo Hansen is a quiet girl who cares too much about others. She seems okay to everyone around her, but she has demons gnawing at her sanity. When their paths cross, Ava finds herself drawn to Jude's darkness knowing very well every step of the way it's a wrong direction to go. But she keeps on. Will it be a happy ending for them?

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