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The Desire

The Desire

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then the sexy woman pulled me fast for a sensual kiss. "Thank you, I needed that." I chuckled at her words. "It's cute when you think that'll be your only climax for tonight." I slapped her sexy ass and she moaned louder. ***** Promiscuous Series: Book 1: Between Them Book 2: The Lovers Book 3: The Desire Book 4: The Forbidden Lust --------- How are you supposed to mend a broken heart? They say that rebound is the best cure, but how many rebounds would you need? What if you're caught up in too many rebound relationships? Will your heart be mended? or will you get into more trouble? As always the promiscuous series will take you to lots of sexy scenes. This is smut with a plot. Enjoy the ride ❤️ eh...I mean read 😜

Chapter 1 Peyton

The sexy woman in front of me was smiling politely saying she had a very bad morning. I couldn't believe that a person can have a very bad morning and still look that good. Her confidence and her poised attitude were drawing me into her.

"... seriously, I need a new job." She said sighing after she has a very late cheeseburger dinner. I applaud the woman before me who was not shy of having dinner that late in the day. Woman I know usually watched what they ate, especially at night. Well...except for Claire, that vixen has never been a shy one for me. In every sense of the way.

"Seemed that your boss is taking advantage of you and ditched you when he had enough of you. Yeah, you should apply for a new job. Though, if the job is good and you love the work I'd say stay and carry on like he meant nothing for you. Just to show him off, you know...that you can be better without him?"

She looked at me deeply, as if she was thinking seriously about my words and then she let out the most beautiful laugh I'd ever heard.

"Yeah, I don't know about that. I don't think I can. I'm a cry baby, I love him. I don't think I can face him."

"Yeah? take a week off, a sabbatical month off, tell him he owed you a month of paid leave for your grief." I took another sip of my beer and she let out another laugh which made my insides tingle. She was giving me the vibe and I was paving myself to go for it, trying to lure her in and see if she catches my bait.

"I should, you know what? I'll do that! I'm going to text him in the morning and do that. He's stinking rich, he should pay for my broken heart."

"Yeah, I hate the rich." I laughed and cheers as she clinked her glass to mine.

My mind was quickly taken back to my Ethan and his new sugar daddy fiance.

"You know what else I should do?" she winked playfully at me.

I laughed at her tease, thinking that she was taking my bait. I had been prowling for an easy fuck since I left Ethan's but haven't found the one that I wanted, not until I bumped into her this morning.

"Tell me?" I said smirking at her.

"I should have a rebound fuck."

Her words just made me twitched, the way she drinks her beer waiting for my answer made me want to jump her right there and then.

I didn't say anything to her, and call the waiter for our bill instead. She lets out another laugh and lets me settled our bill, then I took her hand in mine.

She only has one glass of beer, and she looks sober enough when I asked if she'd like to have a cup of coffee in my room. The invitation was an obvious one, she was getting my message the moment she pushed me to the elevator and latched her lips to mine.

"You're sure about this rebound fuck thing?" I asked the moment we stepped into my room.

She just looked at me with her inviting look and groped my cock and stroke me while whispering that she wanted to ride me then let me fuck her hard.

That was when I carried her to the bedroom and we started to strip naked, and I was on top of her in seconds. She tasted so sweet, her body was creamy and supple. She let out the sexiest moans when I licked and sucked her pink perky nipples. She arched her back and hold my head keeping me sucking her tits while my hands were roaming her body.

Her moans were soft and sensual when my fingers travel to her folds and feel her wetness. Her bare pussy was showing her glistening proof of arousal, and she praised my name the moment my tongue ventured to her folds and started licking her like sweet ice cream on a very hot summer day.

I was grabbing her thighs, parting her, and keeping her open for my view. She was moving her hips and I was keeping her still, licking her passionately.

"Andrew, please..."

Her hands were gripping my hair tighter and I was keeping her still while taking her legs to my shoulder and sucking her deeper.

"more..." her moans were sexy, making me nibble on her pussy slower wanting to make her climax so much harder.

And I did just that up to the time that I could feel she was about to burst, then I slipped my finger and made her go crazy. Her legs were pulling me closer while I was keeping myself busy with her leaking cunt until she finally climaxed moments later.

"Oh fuccckkkk..."

She was breathless when I traced my kisses upwards then the sexy woman pulled me fast for a sensual kiss.

"Thank you, I needed that."

I chuckled at her words.

"It's cute when you think, that'll be your only climax for tonight."

I sheathed myself quickly and thrust hard in her still pulsating walls, she moaned and clenched harder and I was taking her arms above her head and keeping them there.

"You're so tight baby," I was feeling her pebbled nipples to my chest and she was moaning to my thrusts over and over again.

Peyton was kissing me eagerly when I was buried deep inside her, but I needed to go deeper and that was when I positioned her to be on all fours and entered her from behind. She was clenching the sheets then clenched harder when I put her wrists to her back and let her nipples touch the cool sheet making her go wild.

She was praising my name, telling me to go harder, my other hand was to her ass cheek squeezing her keeping her steady for my hard thrusts.

"Peyton, fuck...I need you to come with me. So... fucking...close..."

I slapped her sexy ass and she moaned louder and telling me that she was close.

"Oh god..."

"Andrew, baby..." I corrected her words smirking at her sexy backside.

"Come on, again..." I said in between my thrusts. Deep and hard.


I thrust faster, erratically keeping my pace up until we both shattered seconds apart.

"Damn..." I slumped to her back when her legs gave up on her. I let her insides milked me as I was filling the condom with my cum.

My forearms supported my weight as I cherished her back with my kisses, then took her to my side as I slowly pulled out and spooned her for a while before I get up and discarded the condom.

We were fast asleep after another round of hot sex. Though I didn't expect her to leave me in the morning, but I smiled when I saw a note with her phone number on it telling me to call her anytime.

I will certainly do that.

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