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Fear Of Men

Fear Of Men

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She's a girl looking for love but has an abusive father and a missing father. Her life is messed up and fears the world because of an incident, she ends up fearing men in particular till she found out she is actually in love with two men at the same time. Does she end up with her first lover or the other?

Chapter 1 Key To Success.

Sheila's POV.

I walked inside the school with a happy face and a smile playing on my lips.

‘ well it's a new day and I love not to feel lonely because I have my teachers’ I thought.

As usual the school proprietor smiles my way and echoed,

“Smarty, always on time, how was your weekends?”

“Boring as always, how was yours too sir?” I quipped.

“Good, it was good smarty you should learn to be happy at home. Nowhere is better than home hurry along, I know you have duties and have a nice day. ” he advised.

“I will sir, this the best place ever. ” I laughed.

I hopped away and turned back to see him shaking his head my way while smiling ‘school is the best place ever’ I repeated in mind

3 hours later ( break time)

In the Garden.

I went out of the classroom with my friend and saw my classmates mates sitting in groups but I dared not join them with Lizzy. She was from a poor home and isn't accepted among such groups, as for me, I didn't know how to carry out conversations.

I just couldn't handle those bitches who were always talking behind others back, even in their groups, they mocked each other. I didn't see them as a friendship group but the ‘hateship’ group as I named them.

We chose a bench a few meters away from the ‘colorful girls’ as they wear different colors of pins everyday hence the name we call them.

They were talking about a certain guy, I drew near eavesdropping their conversation but pretending I wasn't,

“Do you know the new handsome guy in town? ” The first girl jeered.

“Is he the one I'm thinking he is? His name is Aaron, is he the one?” The second one replied.

As long as I knew those girls, they always spoke about our teachers, boys and backbiting each other and never about their studies. But sometimes, it was interesting that was the reason I liked listening into their conversation.

“This boy is handsome and brilliant but one sad thing is he attends one of the local schools in the country. ” added the first girl.

“It seems we all know this guy, if so one of us must get him to show the other girls that we are the most beautiful ladies in this school. ” the third girl contributed

“You are right but after that what? I wish a guy to fall in love with me but not just woo me. If he falls in love with me then that's okay. ” inquired the second girl.

“As for me as long as he is good in bed I will be okay. ” jested the fifth girl.

It didn't surprise me they were saying g such embarrassing words in school, they could get worse. Come to think of it, these girls were just in their junior high and that too the first class but they had already joined the world and its sweetness. I watched them sadly and shook my head but that particular name they mentioned was sounding in my head unending.

‘Aaron handsome and brilliant, I also like brilliant guys, what would it feel like to capture his heart from these vultures? ahh what are you thinking now, its only when you top first in class that daddy speaks to you for five minutes or more and Mommy sing you praises. Even though this has stopped for some time now, I still desire those times. Those were the most precious times in my life, and I'm not ready to risk it for anything. ‘Education Is The Key To Success’ but education is the key to my happiness. My parents praise me and my teachers love me, is that not enough?’ I was lost in thoughts.

Those girls were getting in my head, Lizzy looked at me and said puzzled,

“You look lost, you have being quiet for sometime, is everything alright?”

“Yes, I am don't worry about me. ”

“Were you listening to those girls? don't pay them any attention. Please help me understand this. ” she requested.

She showed me a maths question,

but how long could I make my books my happiness, ‘well I don't know’ I thought.

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