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"Don't make me spread your legs roughly little one. Keep them open for me, you want this right? Tell me if you want to stop okay?" He asked with his sexy voice, I was nodding my reply. ****** Marissa was a true Cinderella story, where her mother died and her father remarried and she had two annoying ugly hearted sisters. Her father was lost in his work. Never care for her, she was no longer daddy's little girl. She finally moved out of the house, out of the toxic environment. And leave her dearest dad behind. She had given up on him, as she was no longer someone he holds dear. She found herself living in a small seaside town to find peace and love and her happy ever after. She was a hopeless romantic, who reads to many romance novels. ****** Nate was mending his broken heart at his brother's beach house. He always loves the little sleepy coastal town. All until one day he met a suicidal young woman. She constantly bothered his mind, with her sexy images over and over again. She was too young for him, she was just barely legal. And she turned out to be a hopeless romantic. He needed to stay away from her. But obviously couldn't, as they constantly wanting each other's company. ***** *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language. sexual content*

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Latest Release: Chapter 37 Epilogue   06-29 18:05