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The Maid Married to CEO

The Maid Married to CEO

Anneliese is a poor girl who works as a maid under the protection of a little company. She was bought by a young billionaire man to be a housemaid. One day, the man was urged by his father to get married. Though he did not have time to find a life partner. Then, he offered Anne as his new maid for a contract marriage. *** "Your name is Anne, right?" asked Mr. Nelson after reading the girl's name card. Anne was almost startled by the male voice behind her. She turned around and replied, "Yes, Sir". "Do you have a husband? Have you been married before?” "Not yet, Sir." "Then, will you marry me? I will pay you one billion dollars every month if you want to be my wife and ready to hold my sperm in your womb."

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