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The Maid Married to CEO

The Maid Married to CEO

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Anneliese is a poor girl who works as a maid under the protection of a little company. She was bought by a young billionaire man to be a housemaid. One day, the man was urged by his father to get married. Though he did not have time to find a life partner. Then, he offered Anne as his new maid for a contract marriage. *** "Your name is Anne, right?" asked Mr. Nelson after reading the girl's name card. Anne was almost startled by the male voice behind her. She turned around and replied, "Yes, Sir". "Do you have a husband? Have you been married before?” "Not yet, Sir." "Then, will you marry me? I will pay you one billion dollars every month if you want to be my wife and ready to hold my sperm in your womb."


"Are you ready for our first night?" A grown man's deep voice startled Anne. Nelson has returned to the room after accompanying the guests back home.

Anne, who was still wearing her wedding dress and sitting on the edge of the bed, answered with a stutter. "B-but I'm not ready yet."

"No need! Let's face it, I don't like small talk," answered the man.

Anne's hands squeezed the expensive white dress. Cold sweat dripping. She was even more nervous when the employer who is now legally her husband took off his shirt and only wore shorts above his thighs.

The man walked over to the girl, and then took a seat next to her.

Nelson pushed Anne's body onto the bed which was covered with fragrant red rose petals. Anne was shaking. Because, so far her smooth body has never been touched by any guy.

The man pulled down Anne's dress and said, "We have to do it quickly, because after this I'm going out of town on a business trip."

Anne was dumbfounded. In her heart she said, "That fast?"

Nelson pulled out a gun under his pants. Only by touching Anne's intimate body parts, the man immediately carried out the action.

Aaakk! Anne screamed loudly. The pain started as Nelson repeatedly swung his hips vigorously. The girl groaned in pain, while Nelson enjoyed the game.

Only a matter of minutes, the man had reached his climax.


"Done!" said Nelson, after which he inched back and put his clothes back on.

Meanwhile, Anne still in a supine position, endured the lingering pain. How could she not, she wasn't even aroused in the slightest, but the man's warm liquid was already out.

"I'll be back tomorrow. You need to take lots of vitamins and consult a gynecologist. So that my baby will come quickly," said Nelson as he fastened the buttons of his shirt.

"Don't forget to clean the red stain," he ordered Anne pointing at the girl's hymen on the white sheet.


10 hours ago

“Welcome to Paradise Team!”

The landmark bearing the sentence is clearly displayed above the entrance of a mini building. Inside, a girl was tidying up her clothes and hair, which had been messy because of running in a hurry. Today was the first day she met Mrs. Wade, the owner of the notorious Paradise Team. Therefore, her appearance must be perfect in front of her female boss.

Immediately the girl opened the door slowly and stepped into the all-white room.

In a work chair, a woman with glasses is focused on her computer. Her eyes didn't even glance at her guest who had just arrived.

While Anne was still standing in front of her with the most polite position possible. Her heart was beating fast with nervousness. Seeing Mrs. Wade's appearance in an elegant outfit alone made the girl's mentality shrink.

After struggling with her work, Mrs. Wade opened her glasses and one hand moved forward, signaling Anne to sit down.

"You're about 7 minutes late," said Mrs. Wade openly, glancing at the small roped object wrapped around her wrist.

"Sorry, Madam."

"If you weren't a candidate for help from a noble person, I would have punished you for being late today."

Anne just lowered her head.

"You already know why I called you?"

Anne shook her head. "I don't know, Madam."

"You're lucky because you've just been proposed to by a young billionaire who is considered very successful in this country."

Mrs. Wade told her about the news. This made Anne surprised and confused. The reason is, she has only joined for three days and certainly does not meet the conditions offered by the Paradise Team to be able to work.

It is known that members who will work must be quarantined for two full weeks to be trained. After that, they will apply for a proposal from a rich family who needs the services of a household assistant in various fields. Such as maids, babysitters, security, even personal assistants.

"But, Madam..." Before Anne could finish her sentence, Mrs. Wade interrupted. "Yeah I know you've only been in quarantine for 3 days. However, Mr. Nelson wants experienced people to be assistants, and according to the data from the 30 members who took up the auxiliary field, you are the only one who has worked before."

Anne swallowed her saliva. She really didn't expect to get a job so quickly in the Paradise Team. Even though she had previously been a maid, she wasn't as happy as she was today getting an official employer.

"Okay, Madam. So when do I start work?”

"Today," answered Mrs. Wade without glancing at Anne

"Packing now, and come to this address!" Mrs. Wade ordered while handing her a piece of official paper containing the address of Anne's new employer.

Anne accepted and then excused herself to resign in front of Mrs. Wade.

Anne's hands trembled as she read the paper she was holding. Because her new employer's home address is located in the country's famous elite housing estate. Her feet stepped to rush there. The Golden House estate is not that far from the Paradise Team's headquarters. It's only 7 minutes away if she takes the bus.

Not long after Anne pressed the bell, the door opened.

A tall, athletic man appeared, with white skin and a sharp nose. His physical appearance was absolutely perfect.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Nelson. I am Anneliese, the new maid who sent by the company Paradise Team." The girl introduced herself in a friendly manner. The smile that broke out did not leave her lips. It was her first day meeting a new employer, so she had to keep her demeanor as sweet as possible.

"Please come in!" Nelson invited Anne into the house by walking first. "I don't need to tell you about the room in this house, you just have to read the location plan there." Pointing at the wall that has a rectangle of paper on it.

"You can work from now on. If you are going home, wait for all your work to be finished, and if you are going to stay overnight sleep in the back room," said Mr. Nelson telling Anne.

The man immediately stepped into the room to continue his rest.

The girl started to rush to work.

Nelson's phone vibrated, disturbing his nearly closed eyes. His hand grabbed the flat object. On the screen was the name of Mr. Ramos' personal assistant, his real father.

"What is it?"

"Mr.Nelson, Your father can't sleep today. He keeps blabbering for a grandson and threatens to kill himself instead."

Nelson accidentally disconnected the phone. He was tired of hearing his father's crazy request. Mr. Ramos wants his son to get married and give him a grandson. In fact, Nelson has only focused on his various companies and has no time to date. In fact, the last time he had a girlfriend was when he was 18 years old. Exactly 15 years ago.

When he was about to take a drink to the kitchen, his net accidentally caught Anne sweeping. An idea immediately popped into his head.

"Your name is Anne, right?" asked Nelson after reading the girl's name card.

Anne was almost startled by the male voice behind her. She turned around and replied, "Yes, Sir".

"You have a husband? Have you been married before?”

The girl was surprised to hear a strange question from her boss. However, she had to answer anyway. "Not yet, Sir."

"Then, will you marry me? I will pay you one billion dollars every month if you want to be my wife and ready to hold my sperm in your womb."

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