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Disabled Novels

The Bad Boy's First Love,Anna Kendra

The Bad Boy's First Love



Lydia McKenzie used to be just like any other normal, seventeen year old high school girl, fretting over what to wear for school, struggling to get good grades and dealing with boy trouble, until one day, a dangerous incident at school and a severe brain injury, made her turn off her emotions completely. Three years later, she’s a complete robot who works with utmost efficiency without showing any emotions. But things start to change when she arrives at Rosewater University for higher studies. David Lyric Donovan is the quintessential bad boy of Rosewater. Be it getting into useless fights, getting arrested for beating someone to an inch of their life or any other crimes around campus, and not to mention going through girls like a person goes through their clothes, he’s done it all. He’s also a professional street fighter. Girls want to ‘fix’ him and guys want to be him. But nothing bothers him as much as the presence of the new girl, Lydia. She’s upfront and outspoken and she does not have the patience to deal with his shit, and moreover, she gets under his skin without even a slight change in her expression. Who is she and what’s in her past? He’s just as fascinated with her as he is annoyed. Can romance bloom between such a mismatched pair? And will Lydia ever let herself feel again, after what she’d endured?

A Deal With The Cold Beast,Spencer

A Deal With The Cold Beast



Crisanta grew up in a trance-like reality. She depends on medicines to strengthen her health yet it is futile. But one-night Crisanta was schemed by her sister. She got drunk and slept with a stranger. Little did she know a few weeks after, she woke up in a bed with people in white whispering against each other and the next thing she knew she was beaten and left in a dark alley, to die by her father's order... In order to survive, she struck a deal with her father's rival: Dimiscus.

Lies From Pretty Lips,Gianna Jordan

Lies From Pretty Lips



Still tied to her parent's String, Arinola is conflicted with choosing the man of her dreams. Her parent's favorite billionaire or her highschool boyfriend? One thing is clear, Arinola desperately wants to please her parents. She will do anything as her parent's puppet including lying to the men in her life and telling the biggest lie of the century; one that would cost her her life

Fail To Fall Out Of Love,HONEY MULLINS

Fail To Fall Out Of Love



Alline married into the Mo Family, benefitting both families' business aspirations. Yet, her groom didn’t even show up for the wedding, and she had to face all the guests’ mockery alone. She had never even met her newly-wedded husband and only knew him from rumors: Mr. Hiram’s legs were disabled, and he was known as an inhumane and capricious man. But who was this man who hugged her every night? And who spoke cold indifferences in her ear? "Alline, you ruined my life! Let's go to hell together!" A terrifying secret lay concealed within the Mo Family. In the end, she chose to break away, hoping to escape from him, but she did not know that waiting for her was an even greater disaster.

Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion,Q. NICHOLSON

Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion



She was forced into this marriage. What made things worse was that her fiance was disfigured and disabled. To drown her sorrows in wine, she came to the bar and even had a wild night with a stranger. Until the engagement party, she met the man again. To her surprise, he was no other than her fiance’s uncle. The gear of their fate started.