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img img Romance img Fail To Fall Out Of Love
Fail To Fall Out Of Love

Fail To Fall Out Of Love

img Romance
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Alline married into the Mo Family, benefitting both families' business aspirations. Yet, her groom didn’t even show up for the wedding, and she had to face all the guests’ mockery alone. She had never even met her newly-wedded husband and only knew him from rumors: Mr. Hiram’s legs were disabled, and he was known as an inhumane and capricious man. But who was this man who hugged her every night? And who spoke cold indifferences in her ear? "Alline, you ruined my life! Let's go to hell together!" A terrifying secret lay concealed within the Mo Family. In the end, she chose to break away, hoping to escape from him, but she did not know that waiting for her was an even greater disaster.

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