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His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce

His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce

Author: Dream Quest
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Chapter 1 Mistake

Word Count: 637    |    Released on: 04/06/2024

ee Bates felt a searing

up, and her clarity of

he pinched the palm of her hand

cent acquisition and the inauguration of the new CEO. She had been coaxed

was amiss, she mustered all

intensified, the inner hea

no longer sustain her, and her body wea

he expected imp

d herself in a br

ol and a crisp, cold fragrance. As Emilee rested in

e help me..."

ach, she instinctively tighte

eling as though she cl

she held him tightly, his

zziness, she s

at the collar, exposing a glimpse of his chest. A silver chain dang

eatures, yet there was a shift from you

her without blinking, assessing her like a predator si


as he

the man of the hour

d to the country and orchestrated a major takeover of her compan

e left his own

the room seemed to whirl around her, an

e plush, spacious bed in the hotel roo

g above her, his large, muscular

stared down at her with piercing i

know w

nd, and spoke automatically,

Jonny O

ssioned kiss. His large, firm hands clasped

bored no thoug

, why not one who was attrac

e a mere secretary at a newly acquired subsidiary—much like he h

l heir of the Owens family, returning to Piland to

utine life as an ordinary secr

would not

his on

mused s

ched her neck and pressed her

d her waist tightened, secu

, the air crackl

Emilee succumbed to the overwhelming



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