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Secrets Of His Alluring Secretary

Secrets Of His Alluring Secretary

Author: Dorice Kadner
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Chapter 1 As Fate Would Have It

Word Count: 988    |    Released on: 28/11/2023

aggered down the dimly lit

take a hold on her, and her

ze, squinting at the room numb

. or 909?" she mut

t of her suddenly swung open from the inside. Th

a was dragged out of the hall

wever, was p

er best to struggle, but it was futile. The man in fron

it, she was thro

nd I'll com

and imposing. After making this "offer", he climb

ng from the man, and even in her drunken sta

finding it hard to form wo

but the man misinterpreted this as her consent. He aba

out her voice, leaving only soft wh

rubbed her throbbing temples a

and her mind was stil

two whole years. She had always seen his name on gossip news headlines, an

end suddenly had to leave because of a work emergency. So, Thalia ended up drinking alone into the late hours of the n

reathing came to her ears, whi

e sat up in bed and looked at the man

an's face, all the color

n in his sleep, there was a hint of darkness and danger about

ks, but the fact that the man was none other than her husband from

Thalia murmured, ey

t Brayan had never fully accepted this. He had even refused

couldn't take it. As fate would have it, she ended up in bed wit

credible twist of fate, but she

ayan had never seen her face all throughout their marriage. He probably h

alia slipped out of bed, quickly

the far end of the hallway, the door o

ne's bed, emerged from the room, her body cove

cure the lead role in an upcoming television dr

just now. Upon seeing the sparkling golden letters "VIP"

per powerful. Most people can only dream of getting close t

he temptation, she pushed open the room's door, which

n and a small bloodstain on the be

It's actually him! It's th

r luck. Her golden opportu

powerful as Brayan, she cou

uldn't wait. She quickly stripped all her cl

excitement and began to sob softly, as though she

as awakened by the s

at Sabina, and within his deep, pie



Chapter 1 As Fate Would Have It Chapter 2 I'll Help You Sober Up Chapter 3 Her Ex-Husband Is Now Her Boss Chapter 4 Is She Mr. Rogers's Girlfriend Chapter 5 Why Does It Feel Just Like That Night Chapter 6 She Must Get Rid Of This Woman Chapter 7 Buy A Fake
Chapter 8 How Do You Plan To Defend Yourself
Chapter 9 I'm Sorry, I Misunderstood You
Chapter 10 You Know Each Other
Chapter 11 Office Romance, Huh
Chapter 12 Can You Come To My Place Tonight
Chapter 13 Why Do You Sound Jealous
Chapter 14 You'll Never End Up With Him
Chapter 15 A Dangerous Man
Chapter 16 More Than A Boss-Secretary Relationship
Chapter 17 Suspicious Behavior
Chapter 18 Under Suspicion
Chapter 19 The Timestamp
Chapter 20 The Truth Comes To Light
Chapter 21 Fired
Chapter 22 So, You're Single
Chapter 23 In The Arms Of Another Man
Chapter 24 Paths Keep Crossing
Chapter 25 Getting Worked Up Over One Woman
Chapter 26 Scandalous Headlines
Chapter 27 Diamond Necklace
Chapter 28 Ambiguous Feelings
Chapter 29 The Familiar Voice
Chapter 30 Battle Of Dominance
Chapter 31 He Doesn't Know You're His Wife
Chapter 32 Determined To Divorce
Chapter 33 A Pebble In A Quiet Lake
Chapter 34 Act Without Thinking
Chapter 35 A Pitiful, Snot-covered Mess
Chapter 36 Are You Always So Fickle
Chapter 37 Ambush
Chapter 38 Break Her Spirit
Chapter 39 Knight In Shining Armor
Chapter 40 Vulnerability
Chapter 41 Does He Actually Care About Her
Chapter 42 What's Your Relationship
Chapter 43 Restrain Herself
Chapter 44 The Necklace
Chapter 45 Who Was The Necklace Meant For
Chapter 46 Overthink
Chapter 47 Take Good Care Of Her
Chapter 48 Bid War
Chapter 49 Give Her A Ride
Chapter 50 Don't Push Your Luck
Chapter 51 Choose Wisely
Chapter 52 Surrounded By Beauties
Chapter 53 She's Brayan's Woman
Chapter 54 Indirect Kiss
Chapter 55 Protect Her
Chapter 56 Girlfriend
Chapter 57 Cut Her Off
Chapter 58 Did She Like Him
Chapter 59 Romantic Tension
Chapter 60 Unfriendly Invitation
Chapter 61 Confidential Information
Chapter 62 Dating His Secretary
Chapter 63 I'll Drive You Home
Chapter 64 Keep Your Distance From Him
Chapter 65 Public Rejection
Chapter 66 At The End Of His Wits
Chapter 67 Can't Pretend Anymore
Chapter 68 Where Did You Get The Nerve
Chapter 69 I Don't Want To Set Tongues Wagging
Chapter 70 Is Brayan Doing It On Purpose
Chapter 71 She Got A Drink Thrown In Her Face
Chapter 72 Are You Satisfied Now
Chapter 73 None Of You Can Escape
Chapter 74 Apologize
Chapter 75 Tugging At Her Heartstrings
Chapter 76 Are You Falling For Brayan
Chapter 77 He Was In No Position
Chapter 78 The Intoxicated Brayan
Chapter 79 Don't Go
Chapter 80 No Need To Explain
Chapter 81 Cross Paths With The Enemies
Chapter 82 A Deal
Chapter 83 That Was Close
Chapter 84 The Truth
Chapter 85 Stay Away From Me
Chapter 86 Thank You For Saving Me
Chapter 87 Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Chapter 88 I'll Pay The Penalty
Chapter 89 Acknowledged Feelings
Chapter 90 Knowing The Truth
Chapter 91 Dislike Sean More
Chapter 92 Go Out If You Want To Quarrel
Chapter 93 Stay Overnight
Chapter 94 I Won't Easily Hand Over My Heart
Chapter 95 Brayan Peeled An Apple For Her
Chapter 96 I'll Go Back And Make You A Meal
Chapter 97 Don't Leave Me
Chapter 98 Brayan's Mother Came
Chapter 99 Get Out Of My Sight
Chapter 100 Risk Your Life For Her
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