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Chapter 2 2

Word Count: 1377    |    Released on: 19/10/2023

It's against the rules," I said to the slightly plump professor. He looked at me, the attractive brunette in the front row, and seemed un

y aware of the schoo

special treatment when it comes to fo

pumping through my veins as I slunk further into my chair to avoid the piercing gazes of my new classmates. Kira Xi had been bai

hawk. She and her group of loyal sycophants had made it their mission to get my hood o

with bee-stung pink lips, Kira checked the boxes for most of the male population. If the herd of four follow

other suckers in this high school, but she sure as shit didn't run me. I had ha

r. Time seemed to stand still as Piper gathered himself together. He patted a

m going to have to ask you to remove the hood. As Kira pointed out, it's against

ut I swallowed my fear and squared my shoulders. "I don't belie

arms around my abdomen and folded into myself. He began to dig into the drawers of his desk. "I

ickered to the clock directly above Piper's head. The bell was due to ring in less than 30

s is something I should discuss wi

about ready to burst with anger when the bell rang. Her bo

folder and throwing the bag across my shoulders to leave. "Miss Vanderwalt?" His voice stopped me at the threshold; hesitation cross

gths the tall brunette would go to for her own gain. I smiled at him as

no sense for someone like me. So, under Garett's watchful eye, I went back to MIT and Harvard to test my absol

ere. More than once, my body has been hidden in a tiny bathroom stall, trying to calm my rapid breathing. The Six ha

ig letters, streamers, balloons, bows, and other things that I couldn't identify, all centred around a single night called 'Homecoming'. So

om solid steel; it looked more like a narrow isolation chamber than a'safe' place to hold my belongi

, Audi, and even a bright fire-engine red Lamborghini, my Jeep was the centre of attention. All the students who had parked aro

elax to the quirky tones of Doja Cat. Her happy tune brought a half-smile to my face an

ummed along to the beat under his breath. Outrageously tall, auburn-haired, with clear green eyes

th spazzed out of my mouth, and my pants dampened when I thought of the things he enjoyed doing with his talented tongue. Swallowi

n pockets that day. As I opened each of the bracketed panels, he would turn his head the other way. Confused, I stood up to

h it over his shoulder. I remember grasping at the server on my back, struggling to fi

could do this here; he had to stop. Anyone could come in and see us. He tongueed me lustfully

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