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Captured And Broken Luna

Captured And Broken Luna

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Chapter 1 Dragon Slayer

Word Count: 1409    |    Released on: 06/06/2023

a L

w village again. I was running and slaying every single damn dragon creature that had invaded our land

left the tower gate nor went hunting. As it was most

s and fly? Someone has to stop them, but who? I asked myself as I turned back, dressed like a male warrior that I was n

n't have a son, and my mother had lost hope after my birth and killed herself. I had to take up the courage to

urs to kidnap the females again whom they could perceive. Everything they wanted was to mate

o conceive a dragon baby. I cannot imagine what those drago

n't hideous. But still, they were not satisfied with all the wome

nd burned down the guards. I wasn't home as I had gone

king's ears that the human ruler had a lot of

ne, and I knew they had

t to ashes when I wa

or clothes. Picking up my bow and arrows, I fixed them into their respective

couldn't even differentiate the dragons from our men, as it was difficult, and

, and their skins so enchanting and spar

n, and because I dressed manly, I ha

out fire, so whenever the dragons invaded, the males allowed them to take their

nded, and the two dra

r the pretty females and not masculine men like

dragons who spoke to me, as I have g

is throat, killing him instantly. He let out a shrilled cry, but as his second wanted to bu

n't return to their king, then we would be in grave danger of having battalions of drago

our daughters. May the lan

s, and I yelled, "This is no time for

gons didn't want to give up on capturing us. They tried to enslave our

flying creatures that could perceive our kind and let out their

ore my coverage, not wearing any bra underneath my shield to hide how big my breasts w

female, and I made

n king and queen as that way, it would send all the dragons away to fear the humans, and I decid

as that was my weapon of mass destructi

vy, and had a flat s

rained so hard, day and night training and mastering the art of sword fighting.

up, except we want

er to protect them. Still, I wasn't satisfied as I had to avenge my parents' loss, my

ned to the new camp, blowing fires around us. And they burnt down the

human form while my eyes burned at them as I was still standing amongst our peo

nd the people were visibly shaking. I could feel their eyes

andsome black dragon-man standing in my view narrowed hi

ly and walked around the ma

d our men? You can see I came here with my sword; the same treatment given to us will b

idn't try to cover up my voice as I was a fem

et me, sniffing around me li

iding in the disguise. How



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Chapter 96 Knee and begged
Chapter 97 Can't sleep
Chapter 98 Sat on his back
Chapter 99 Flying With Mikel
Chapter 100 Luna forgives Mikel
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