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The Almighty Alpha Wins Back His Rejected Mate

The Almighty Alpha Wins Back His Rejected Mate

Author: Rianon Fisk
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Chapter 1 Father's Wedding

Word Count: 1454    |    Released on: 23/04/2023


f me, the crowd coming and going. However, instead of feelin

e Silver Ridge Pack was holding a grand wedd

enue was decorated lavishly, and I overheard some people saying that it was even more beautiful than that of his wedding

was that today was also the de

o happy. My mother's grave, on the other hand, was des

stupid wedding. I just wante

here are

not far away, interrupting my conv

e voice and saw my stepmother, Marley C

ter of the Alpha of the Frosty River Pack and exceedingly beautiful. Marley's white wedding dress billowe

lk to her, I turn

as important as this and embarrass y

pped in to mediate. "Debra's tired a

t me and suddenly cracked a smile. "Good

, staring at h

her's happiness, I tried to stay out of her way as much a

e. My intuition told me that so

nt to borrow the necklace you're wearing.

sed without hesitation.

I treasured it dearly. It was my only connection to my mother. Whenever

r lend it to anyone, le

r tone and said gently, "Why are you so cold t

she claimed, she wouldn't have tried t

d it to you." I narrowe

Marley's gentle smile was instantly replaced

abbed my left arm, while the other grabbed my right. Th

ed my head and saw Marl

kery. She stretched out her slender han

came undone and the neckl

thought this woman would be so shamel

n't do this! That necklace was

rried forward to block

who were holding m

ing into the stone pillar. Blood trickled d

ssed away, she stayed in the pack for my sake and rem

ley hurt her

estless. I, too, was d

mind, "Rip them

o stand on her feet. Leaning on the stone pillar for suppo

he was officially the Luna of our pack. If I laid a finger on her, m

od trickled down from h

my heart ache so much. I

arley's face as she took a closer look at my mother's necklace.

fiddled with my

It's just a necklace. I'll have countles


d as she could. The chain instantly broke, an

mother had left

ugh my heart was being squeezed b

down to pick up the

ain shot up from th

stepped o

led shoe into the ba

lpha. How dare you touch dirty tra

look up at her, my eyes fil

hat she wanted to rip Marley to shred

't budge. She had noth

warned, "Debra, you'd better lea

y slowly removed her foot, straightened her dress,

d, I continued to pick up t

e in the first place. It turned out she just w

sn't officially the Luna. Today was her wedding. Now that she had the power, she wanted to teac

d me up. "Don't worry. I'll fix the necklace.

a smile at her, trying my

father and Marley

the werewolves celebrated and welcomed their new Luna. No one noticed me, the p

le bottle of wine and downed its con

didn't take long before my vision star

dn't forget that fucking smile on Marl

it. I needed to

ve, I inadvertently ran into t



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