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Chapter 2 No.2
Words Count: 1483    |    Released on:03/01/2023

Brielle's POV

I looked back to the shelves as the blush refused to leave my face. I walked back to the cart and started to push to the next book aisle I had to fill. I entered the horror section and I took a sip from the latte Delilah got me. It's not her fault for buying this. She doesn't know I'm struggling to get money or anything.

If I had some kind of help from my family I feel as though I wouldn't be stressing as much. My parents were always a bit distant during my childhood and just the fact that they left me in the house one day when I was 17 with just $1,000 and a note, broke my heart. I had to get a job and learn how to pay bills because my sister decided I would be fine on my own and also left me.

It was when she called me to come see her in the hospital that I actually got to see her after 7 months. When I arrived at the hospital and went to her room she was gone. I found Delilah in a incubator since she was premature and I didn't leave the hospital until she was able to. I smiled at the thought of the doctors who thought I was crazy. They even made sure I showered every day and ate a full three meal everyday. I only left to get baby supplies from the Target across the street. I never got anything for me, only for her. And every time I finished I walked right back over to the hospital.

I was given legal rights to take care of her since I'd turned 18 and her mother was gone. I named her Delilah Newman and after three long weeks I was finally able to take her home. A month after I realized I wouldn't be able to manage a baby, my jobs and the bills of a house, we moved to the small one bedroom apartment that I have now. I'm thankful that both of my bosses never minded that Delilah came to work with me everyday. In fact they loved her. They've supported me the most and I couldn't be more appreciative.

I never got to go to college or live out any of the dreams I had when I was younger. My only wish is that I can send Delilah off to college so she can pursue her own dream.

I turned towards the cart and began to fill the shelves. Being so short it took me a lot longer than others to get things done. I took the final book off the cart and put it in. I checked the time and it was already 1PM. I walked over to the kids section and saw Delilah reading in one of the bean bag chairs. I walked over to her and crouched down.

" Hi baby " She closed the book and grinned up at me.

" Hi Bribri "

" Do you want some lunch? I have your favorite " She squealed as she jumped off the chair and grabbed my hand. I laughed as she pulled me over to the back room which I now used as a lunchroom. I grabbed the lunch bag that was on the table and handed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

" Thank you " She said politely as I set a small bottle of water for her as well.

" You're welcome baby " I used to tell her everyday to always say 'please' and 'thank you'. I didn't want her to grow up being rude. Now she's so good that I don't even have to remind her.

I grabbed my sandwich and started to eat. We talked about nothing in particular and when we finished I sent her back to the kids section. I grabbed the romance and erotica book cart and rolled it over to the aisle. I picked up each book and blushed slightly as I put them in their right places. I've never been the one to read romance books more so eroticas. Each time I tried to read them they either made me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I finished up this section after a while and moved onto the next.

A few hours passed by and Mr. Burkley came and found me. He was a nice old man. He made sure he wasn't out of shape and kept his look fresh.

" Brielle it's already six you should be getting home. Don't worry I'll finish up here. " I put the book down and turned to him.

" Are you sure? My shift's not over for another 45 minutes. "

" I'm quite sure sweetheart. You help me more than enough already. "

" Thank you " I smiled and he nodded his head. I walked towards the back and he called my name.

" Brielle? " I turned to him and gave him my attention.

" If you need any help... You come find me ok? " I smiled again.

" Yes, I know Mr. Burkley. You tell me everyday " I waved goodbye and walked to my back table. The help I get from him I make sure to keep it at a minimum. I don't want people to think I'm a charity case. But with Mr. Burkley you never know what you're going to get.

Two months ago when I called out sick he came over to my apartment with a few boxes of pizza saying he didn't want his favorite girls to be hungry. He also brought me over some medication for me to take and still to this day he continues to be as caring as he was.

I grabbed my bag and put my laptop and newspapers inside. I really need to find a new job and I've been trying to keep it on the low from Mr. Burkley. If he knew what I was doing he would try to raise my salary but the library doesn't get much income and I don't want to be the one taking it all. I walked over to Delilah who looked sleepy as she was reading another book. I groaned lowly. I really hope she doesn't fall asleep on the way home because she will keep me up at night. She looked over to me and raised her hands in the air.

I whined as I trudged over to her and picked her up. She laid her head in the crook of my neck and I sighed.

" There go my plans of sleeping tonight " I walked towards the front and left the building. My apartment was a 20 minute walk from here so it didn't require the bus. But when Delilah is tired like this and I have to hold her the whole way I'm forced to take the bus. I walked to the bus stop and sat on the bench. Even though I have my driver's license, a car is out of the picture. A new car would mean more bills and gas money, which might require another new job, which is more time that Delilah gets no sleep and I really don't think I have the patience or sanity for that.

The bus came around and I got up and stepped in. I put a few bus tokens in and went to have a seat. Every time we're on the bus we sit near the door so we could be the first ones out at any stop. After about 10 minutes we reached our stop and I got out. I walked up to my building and unlocked it. It wasn't the worst neighborhood in town but it most definitely wasn't the best.

I walked up the stairs slowly because even though I wanted her to wake up I didn't want to be the one to wake her. We reach my apartment which was on the second floor and I opened it with my key. I kicked the door open and walked in. I dropped my bag onto the couch and went into our room. I laid her on the bed and slipped her shoes off. I took her sweater and tights off and put a t-shirt on her. I put her hair up in a ponytail and pulled the blanket over her.

I took my clothes off and threw my hair in a ponytail as well and instead of putting on a white t-shirt I put a black one on. I looked towards the kitchen then back to my bed. I was conflicted on whether I should make dinner or take a nap. I chose the latter and climbed in beside her. Dinner can wait till around ten when she wakes me up fully energized. Throughout the whole night, the thought of Killian wouldn't leave my mind.

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