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Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!

Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!

Author: Marlo Cech
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Chapter 1 Facade

Word Count: 618    |    Released on: 28/01/2023

depressing aura. Melissa Sherman fell

ach cramps were unbearable. Her face was pale

door flew open, and a m

r hand, asking for hel

her spine when she met th

with disgust. "You played tricks and made me sleep with

hood. Eventually, the two got married under their par

no feelings for her, and she was just the nominal Mrs. Mayfield—nothi

t, and Melissa attended it as Everett's wife. Un

she explained, Everett

t wasn't me. I was drunk that day. I don't

out her hand and held Everett's trousers in desperation.

you stil

". "Do you think you can get away with pushing Arielle down

t from the blue. Melissa'

Sherman was pregnant. That me

The dim light made him

lissa Sherman, you are the most disgusting woman I

tted his hand and struggled to catch

push her. She fell down herself. In fact, I'm als

ment. Soon, he snapped out of

lly seen Melissa take contraceptives. It

e was lying t

and shot her a contemptuous look. His voice dripped with sarcasm

ked up at him in disbelief.

and ordered, "Throw this woman out! She is no longer

er to her feet. It was raining cats and dogs, but the g

as. The cold wind and rain inte

wling winds and looked up at t

these years had literally kicked her out of



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Chapter 87 You Don't Have To Apologize
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Chapter 89 This Is Merrick
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Chapter 91 A Gossipy Private Doctor
Chapter 92 Everett Sends Her Home In Person
Chapter 93 He Entered Her Room
Chapter 94 Treat You To Dinner
Chapter 95 They Went To Eat
Chapter 96 Arielle's Mistake
Chapter 97 Break Into The House
Chapter 98 Unable To Come
Chapter 99 Negotiation Of The Mayfield Family
Chapter 100 Melissa Is Still Alive
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