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Mr. Nelson Winning His Ex-wife's Heart

Mr. Nelson Winning His Ex-wife's Heart

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Chapter 1 Severe Heartbreak

Word Count: 925    |    Released on: 22/08/2022

years. It's high time you had a child. I want to mee

came from the study through

"Why should I have a baby

them that dinner was ready. But when she heard their conve

on the same page, you'll not be getting any great-grandchildren from me as long as I'm married to Ch

the sound of a cup being shattered on the floor was heard.

door to hide. In the process, the sharp edge

swept through her entire body. She trembled and bit her

egnancy test result from Diane Stevenson,

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gh you have been married to Edmund for three lon

being. Don't you have any shame? How could you stick with a man whose heart be

ane's existence before sh

nd. The next morning, Chelsea woke up to a piece of shocking news. Her husband was sighted entering

a realized that her husband's

stay. She hoped that Edmund would fall in love with her somed

, nothing changed eve

of the bathroom was pushed hard from outs

only to see a cold man coming

her, grabbed her chin, and inquired aggressively, "Did you incite Grandpa to put pressure on me to have a baby with you? Bitch,

p and forced me to marry you three years ago. Now, you want to make

ed. She bit her lower l

sure on me? And why were you eavesdroppi

ersation, you should know how I feel about you. You disgus

he heard those cruel words. Her nails wer

ut her heart broke into a thousand pieces when he

all in an effort to make this marriage work. Sh

one day soften towards her. However, his heart went from b

e past few years, have you... Have you e

as shaking violently as if she asked that quest

cable emotion to Edmund's heart. Bu

ou are not so dumb, are you? Judging by what's happening

a's heart like a knife. All the hurt that she kept



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Chapter 53 The Counter-attack
Chapter 54 Rework The Script
Chapter 55 Edmund's Indecision
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Chapter 58 Get Cold Feet
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Chapter 60 Praised By Edmund
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Chapter 62 Plot Against Chelsea
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Chapter 64 A Strong Contender
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Chapter 66 Homosexuality Scandal
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Chapter 69 It Won't Be You
Chapter 70 Harassment
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Chapter 72 Call The Police
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Chapter 80 They Didn't Share The Same Values
Chapter 81 Much-needed Necessity
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Chapter 83 Sudden Change Of Plans
Chapter 84 Purple The Scriptwriter
Chapter 85 An Extremely Embarrassing Scene
Chapter 86 The Tenderness Of Luka
Chapter 87 Simmering Jealousy
Chapter 88 Talks About Diane
Chapter 89 Bruised Ego
Chapter 90 Naughty Grandpa
Chapter 91 The Psychological Competition Between Ethan and Edmund
Chapter 92 Chelsea Is An Outsider
Chapter 93 Evil Witches
Chapter 94 Chelsea Was In Danger
Chapter 95 Ex-wife's Denial
Chapter 96 Fainted
Chapter 97 He Never Understood Her
Chapter 98 He Could Exasperate Women With One Word
Chapter 99 Staying At Fay's
Chapter 100 Fay's Story
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