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Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

Author: Kesley Peht
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Chapter 1 He Didn't Believe Her

Word Count: 673    |    Released on: 22/08/2022

ay was Elmore Casper's eightieth birthday party. Many disti

ing scream from the garden

re's eldest grandson. She was pregnant, and her husband had already passed a

, two struggling fig

Casper dove into the swimming pool to

hed into the water to save the sec

opping wet clothes, the servants pass

early drowned, nor did they

, Becky realized that her position was possibly in

ed to Babette, the Casper family

esh set of clothes. Feeling unwell, she sank into bed. Just as s

back already? How's Babette? Listen to me, Rory.

ly. "Save the exc

to her senses. "What

of day, he said briskly, "G

n Becky. Not long after Babette was se

and blood left by Rory's eldest brother. Be

n as he came back from the hospital,

ry's words sent shiv

Of course, she knew how Elmore would pun

be seriou

ar to her explanation. They didn't even give her the c

ky couldn't help but think that he was undoubtedly handsome. But this

as unbearable, b

knew everyone in this family, including

ips in mock. "I ca

st and anger in his deep-set eyes, w

he said expr

nse, he turned around and h

ly felt that her life had been nothi

lit. She knew that the Casper


ntered, Elmore thr

re, calm and co

wrong. Why should s

o make Elmore angrier. "Rory,

self, Rory suddenly raised his hand and press

y was forced to kneel. "Eit



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Chapter 96 Being Possessive
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Chapter 98 Devin Seems To Be Serious
Chapter 99 Time To Respond In Kind
Chapter 100 I'll Handle It
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