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Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

Love After Divorce: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back

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Chapter 1 Sex Without Love

Word Count: 1003    |    Released on: 18/08/2022

thunder clapped and lightning fla

d wrapped herself in a quilt, but despite

was a child. She felt as if countless invisible hands

body was covered in sweat now, she still di


pen. Then, Adeline heard the sound of

th for so long that she began getting chest pains. Her mind

ntee the privacy of the masters, the servants all

was pulling the quilt off her,


way the quilt ruthlessly. Through her tears, Adeline saw a handsome man

Adeline felt her fears gradually subside. Her heart, which ha

snorted and then began unbuttoning his shirt. With his slender fingers,

tely blushed an

ed very nervous, and she wouldn't meet his gaze. One of the straps of her nightdress had fallen down from her shoulder, and the way

as he felt a lit

they had sex frequently. Seeing the expression on Brenda

took out Brendan's pajamas from the wardrobe, han

from the bathroom. Thinking of what would happen after Bre

g the role of Mrs. Clemons. But when night fell and she an

e beast that didn't stop until

wear the pajamas that she prepared for him. Instead, he only wrapped a bath towel around his waist.

. He grabbed her and put her on her back on the mattress. Next thing Adeline knew, Brenda

ut made her earlobes and her neck itch. Then, he moved to kiss and suckle on h

husband was indeed skilled in bed. After only three years, he had already memorized where her most sensitive

r spine. She was addicted to that feeling. As Brendan pushed in and dragged out, she arched her b

led the room together wi

se sounds out." Brendan's deep, alluring voice be

form into soft yet unrestrained groans of pleasure. Finally hearing his w

r there. He also took her in the bathroom and on the balcony. He made her come again and ag

knew that he was sleeping soundly. She removed his hand from her waist, slipped out

time, Brendan had never called her "

face of Brendan. Except when they were in bed, his eyes



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