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Chapter 5 Nowhere to be found

Word Count: 1676    |    Released on: 08/06/2022


o my room. I was in a good state of mind that morning, and i

o be found. I stepped into the room, closed the door and headed straight towards the bathro

had sh

rsonal assistant, standing beside my valet. He turned

owed, but his courtesy was

he one I came with last

stared at me like a moron and

y valet and watched as

night, did you s

haven't s

y of you, but you can't watch one girl?!" I did not know when I had raised my

ject her and get everything o

nd her alpha

e, be prepared to find your

. None of it made sense. How could



d before leaving her alone and making sure to lock the room door before I left. She still had a spare key, jus

r with a huge, yet fake smile, plastered on my face. I mostly just directed families to the

ered my Aunt's words whe

moved, so we could have lesser bills to pay, or take up the bills your

y and shock people who lost their families went through. I wasn't ready to lose my

ed home, hid away in my room and slept all mo


shift at the resta

ad been staring at, looking around frantically, only to see my bestfriend, Mel, glar

8, 11 and 13." Viktor

tables again, but I was able to remembe

to the last table. Armani suits and Rolex wristwatches, I could tell these men were rich jus

our orders?" I asked, flashi

terest. I felt uncomfortable with such attention, but kept my composure on the surface. I should


. His eyes raled through my skin, looki

" he re

ked potatoes. And a gla

my notepad, deliberately avoiding any form of

der." He

idence, the false sense that I would even be a tad

notepad in my hands. But, I broadened

not, Sir. Wou


e all, I'll get

he orders in and waited for them, by

nt of money for one night, JoJo. When

r wildest dreams Mel. I va

and rolled he

ight hundred dollars for a night. And I took eight hundred only on my first night out with them. With t

ut it didn't stop me from leering at her. H

u sound like

my question w

's gotta do." Mel replied, her

rl..." I point

on problems, and

refuse, just because the temptation is not big enough now.JOJO, money and pleasure can al

ple just be able to have a good-looking face, money and a body at the sam

I looked at the cover and he was

hind the clothes, dark raven hair, intimidating onyx eyes and perfect skin. His face so

s name on th

ve me the initial impression of a man. Then there

sh on my right shoulder and I joined in her short laughter, a

hing, her eyes narrow

er sentence on purpose, giving me a chance to explain wi

was Mykel,

as slightly defensive, and overly prote

, but I can't be sure he took it. I mean, there's no evidence against him anyway." I p

range room, you know? I didn't know where it was, or anything, even who took me there. I couldn't wait cause I neede

ower jaw dropped open,

there?" She repeated my statement, but as a question. My

even know wha

ables 3

d threw me a

She turned her back towards me and s

y I had not taken time to fin

not hurt

ht be a kind



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