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Shabana's Submission
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Chapter 1 The Academy
375    |    16/05/2022

Shabana's POV

I grew up imagining about bdsm life I would love to live, given a chance. I have been a little stubborn, independent and determined girl, but my deepest secret is to give up control and submit to a person completely. When I turned 18 my friend Joshua took me to the most popular bdsm club in town "The Academy".

The Academy is a hub for all kind of kinksters. If you can't find a partner here, you can never find a partner.

I was super excited to go to the club. I started preparing for it at 4 O clock though we had to go there by 9 pm. I wore a black catsuit with cat ears and a red collar. All the submissives or slaves wore a collar to the club. That was a rule. The submissives wore a yellow collar and slaves wore a red one😜. When it comes to bdsm, I have very few limits.

So Joshua came to pick me up exactly at 8:50 (it took 10 minutes from my place to reach the club and I didn'

t want to be late).

"Hello kitty" He said. I slapped him playfully "don't irritate me".

" Okay okay, but hey why are you wearing a red collar? " He asked.

I made a puppy face and said "don't you know what it means sir? "

" Yes I know" he snapped, "but don't you think you should test the waters first. "

"Oh Josh, I have and you know it. That is why we broke up right? " I asked

"Yes, I know ". He sighed.

Actually Joshua had been my dominant for a month, but our interests varied. He never wanted to indulge in extreme plays while I pushed my limits. So we thought to end it. Joshua is 5 years older than me, I met him through fetlife. I was 17 then, he was willing to wait till I turned 18 but I wanted to try it. He was a lenient dominant and I wanted someone more stricter. So Josh promised to help me find one.

Today was the day I was going to finally search for a master😇. I am so excited.

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