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Revenge of the Richest Man

Revenge of the Richest Man

Author: Darb Jahan
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Chapter 1 Inherited Five Hundred Billion Dollars

Word Count: 808    |    Released on: 25/04/2022

s health is d

undergo sur

cost three hundre

be paid before

she won't make it

ruck Farris Leopard lik

, and he almost f

ide the ward wit

er lying on the hospital b

d her face was wrink

her face, and her bre

made Farris feel bad for al

rought Farris up and pa

his life

nket for her and sat there for a

, Farris took out his phone and call

al condition. Can you lend me th

finish his words,

t you be the one giving me mon

at you've never brought home

ves to borrow mo

s coldhearted a

ey you need if you ag

's no way I'm go

can't divo

otions that Farris sounded as if h

tch your fost

me for mon

that, Charis

whether Farris' foster

was for him to

arris could

ila Jackson, were cl

years until they decided to get

much they lov

orth hundreds of millions of dollars and had several companie

eila meant living wit

object of scorn and ridicul

ob and was required to stay a

ther-in-law for money if

n't care about what others thought of him.

Farris was that Sheil

s of the Jacksons, as long as he could do

er's serious illness bro

ere was nothing he could do

ng, a beautiful figure suddenly

de her way to Farris, cl

ttire, so he figured that she had

, this

the bag, Farris' brows

ster mother is in desper

n't have

thousand dollars i

n saving up for myself

use it f

our savings. I

k his head

ical Sheila had b

bway and avoided eating at exp

d didn't have to lead a remarkably frugal existenc

a Jackson, had three sons and each of t

st son, Quincy Jackson,

t business among all the Jackson Family's subsidiaries. T



Chapter 1 Inherited Five Hundred Billion Dollars Chapter 2 The Heir Of The Leopard Family Chapter 3 Sheila Has Agreed To File A Divorce Chapter 4 Divorce Agreement Chapter 5 Kneel Down And Apologize Chapter 6 Show You No Mercy Chapter 7 Clown Mask Chapter 8 Little Game Chapter 9 The Mystery Man Chapter 10 Ines Jackson Chapter 11 Kneel And Apologize
Chapter 12 Mr. Leopard
Chapter 13 Sky Corp.
Chapter 14 Two Things
Chapter 15 Luka'S Crazy
Chapter 16 The Ceo'S Office
Chapter 17 The Ice Queen Of The Company
Chapter 18 Start From The Root
Chapter 19 A Deal With The Sky Corp.
Chapter 20 Humiliate Farris
Chapter 21 Held Her Hand Tightly
Chapter 22 Summon All The Members Of The Family
Chapter 23 A Gathering With A Despicable Purpose
Chapter 24 Faustina Came To Invite Sheila
Chapter 25 Kneel Down
Chapter 26 Punished Your Uncle Sean
Chapter 27 Million Dollars Sean Had Lost
Chapter 28 A Kiss On Farris'S Cheek
Chapter 29 The Sky Corp. Announced The Partnership With Sheila Cosmetics.
Chapter 30 Zachary Campbell
Chapter 31 Beautiful Girl
Chapter 32 Imperial Hotel
Chapter 33 Cancel All The Business Deals That Sky Corp.
Chapter 34 Zachary Trembled With Fear And Regret
Chapter 35 Ines Cried Desperately
Chapter 36 Buy A Car
Chapter 37 Farris'S Black Card
Chapter 38 A Cullinan Worth Five Million Dollars!
Chapter 39 Mr. Leopard
Chapter 40 Emmett
Chapter 41 Donation To The Welfare House
Chapter 42 Five Million Dollars
Chapter 43 Party Invitations
Chapter 44 Vvip Invitations
Chapter 45 The Invitations Are Fake
Chapter 46 Fake Invitations
Chapter 47 Vvips
Chapter 48 Sheila Felt A Little Guilty
Chapter 49 Investigation
Chapter 50 Do They Think Of My Wife As A Plaything
Chapter 51 Attacked A Senior Vip
Chapter 52 Make My Whole Family Die
Chapter 53 Explain To Me
Chapter 54 Sean And Faustina Jackson, You Are Unwelcome Here
Chapter 55 Smashing The Bottles
Chapter 56 The Underworld In Asopool
Chapter 57 Shadows And Glories Are Together
Chapter 58 Chester
Chapter 59 The Banquet Raffle
Chapter 60 Mystery Of The Sea
Chapter 61 You Must Divorce Him!
Chapter 62 A Blind Date
Chapter 63 The Rouge On Beech Road
Chapter 64 Zachary'S Outburst
Chapter 65 Prepare For The Real Estate Project Of Sky Corp.
Chapter 66 Old Classmates
Chapter 67 Get Together Tonight
Chapter 68 A Bet
Chapter 69 Have A Bet
Chapter 70 The Firecrackers Damaged The Car
Chapter 71 Romanee Conti
Chapter 72 Pay The Bill According To The Price
Chapter 73 2.5 Million
Chapter 74 Who The Hell Was Mr. Leopard
Chapter 75 Zence International Hotel
Chapter 76 It Was A Crime To Breathe
Chapter 77 Confessed All Crimes
Chapter 78 Trending
Chapter 79 Ogden Lake
Chapter 80 Mole
Chapter 81 Buy Company
Chapter 82 The Agreement
Chapter 83 Ogden To Be Punished
Chapter 84 The Jackson Family Meeting
Chapter 85 Good Job
Chapter 86 The Bidding
Chapter 87 Something Was Wrong
Chapter 88 Caught For Committing Fraud
Chapter 89 Terminate All Cooperation With Collins Enterprise
Chapter 90 How Dare You
Chapter 91 Trending Once Again
Chapter 92 Crimes Exposed
Chapter 93 A Mysterious Reward
Chapter 94 Held Sheila'S Hand
Chapter 95 This Restaurant Has A New Owner!
Chapter 96 Ophelia'S Abilities
Chapter 97 A Sweet Kiss
Chapter 98 Quincy'S Birthday
Chapter 99 A Roadside Beggar
Chapter 100 A Bet
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