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My Male God BestFriend
My Male God BestFriend
Author: Hazeus
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Chapter 1 1
Words Count: 1047    |    Released on:18/02/2022

Another world, Another mission. Xia will transmigrate to the world full of undead people in order for her to come back to life.

But the thing is,

Why? The villains that keep appearing in front of her had the same name as on her last word. Making her feelings for the male that was already deprived and dead had come back to life.

Is it possible? Well maybe but the system says it's,


Stellaluna Crammer is a type of girl that can be called a 'bitch' but badly wants freedom once in her life. She did everything to have her freedom, practice a lot of fighting skills, pampering her little sister to the core and flattering her beloved mother nonstop.

But it was all useless, her hard work turned into dust. She suffer a psychological effect. She became more brutal than before, until she knew.

The Guy that her father introduced as her fiancee, the guy that she always cursed from the bottom of her heart is the man she was always waiting for.

But the Guy no longer taken interest in her, she can't think right after she learned about this bad news.

She locked him up in a isolated place, chain his feet and hands and bullied him everyday with them both naked. He's trap, he is her prey. Always be her prey, and if ever he escapes. She will trap him again and bully him hard.

But she never ever expected that one day, when she was about to get tired of pursuing the guy. It will have an unexpected turn of events, and that's when she knew, she's the real one who was trap. Trap by the guy scheming dirty but pleasurable game.

Stellaluna Crammer have everything she wants, whether if its the things that she badly wants and whether if its the person she badly wanted to play with, she can get it with no disturbance at all, until she met her Biological father.

Her freedom crumpled.

Freedom? No! Stellaluna didn't have it. From the beginning to end, She can't have it!

Her originally imagination freedom slowly crumpled slowly, piece by piece until it completely faded.

She is born to be only used. But she still hopes, hope that one day, even if its just one day, she wants her mother to stand by her side.

Let her also set her eyes to her just once. Give her the affectionate attention that her mother never give to them except for they're little sister.

But, she was bound to be disappointed over and over again.

And that when, she completely lost her cool, and broke out.

But the slightly cold voice interrupted her brutality and bring her back to reality.

The Guy that she is waiting for looking coldly at her like she was an ant, again made her think, she should....

Lock him up


Written by; DAOISQM11PM

Inspired by; Lord Extremely Hardcore

A bustling noise filled the road where Ayarra was pushed and hit by a Big truck rushing so fast that she didn't even get the chance to dodge. There, blood oozing out of her head while her heartless relatives and fiancee keep comforting the person that cause her to die.

Her mother whom she regarded as the best mother in the world says to the culprit,

"Its still okay even if she's dead. You are still here Anica, she cant even compare to you so why would she still continue living in this world? Now, now, stop crying"

Her little Triplets that she carefully nurtured since they are born, The first little brother disdainfully said,

"Yeah, she's so disgusting. She even still got the face to enter school. Humiliating us over and over again"

The Second little Brother just stared quietly at her. While her first little brother continued rambling about how he is dissatisfied having a sister like her.

"I don't even want her to be my older sister. Its such a shame, a shame. Fortunately she already died"

The Third little Brother didn't say anything to her but only give her a cold glance and look away.

The fiancee that she taught that will always stand and defend her no matter what happens says to the culprit in excitement,

"Anica, now that she's dead, shall we get married now?!"

Anica who saw the expected scene she wants to happen, smiled triumphantly at her direction but still weakly revealed a sad smile and let out a tiny sob.


Ayarra regretted it a lot, but she cant have a chance to regret because she is already leaving in the world. A Chance, no. There will be no other chance. And even if she is given another chance to start her life again, she will definitely change. She will become another person. A incarnation of the d****. And will let the people that hurt her, taste Her DEmonic Hardcore Revenge.

START AT; 3/22/2021


Psychology suggests that psychopaths can be changed by the power of love.

Is it really true?

END AT: ???



"I Zachandry Zeus reject the mate, the goddess had bestowed upon me"

"And I Zajandro Zeus also reject the mate, the goddess had bestowed upon me"

Those words of Abriel soon to be mate made his heart bleed. He bit his lower lip to stop the coming hiccup out of his mouth. After some time, a low voice that anyone could barely hear except for the twins up in the stage holding microphone watch Abriel lips moved as their breath hitch.

"I Abrielle Winner accept, accept the rejection of The two Alpha's-"

Abriel finally spat out the cruel word before he lastly took a look at the twins who rejected him without any hesitation. He slowly smiled before mouthing a farewell Goodbye at them.

He dashes off the venue and disappears without the tiny bit of his trace.

The twins however, got a heavy heart when they got a farewell Goodbye by Abriel in which they shrugged it off when they confuse about it for a second of time.

But they didn't know, they will eventually, regret the thing they had done, in the future when they come across the truth that, the mate they had rejected Got Mateless.