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Chapter 97 No.97
Word Count: 1579    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

The rays hit my eyes, I snuggled my face in the cushion and extended my hand to grab my mobile. Once I took my mobile and saw the notification, my eyes widened seeing so many calls and messages from Tyler and Kate.

I sat holding my head and squinted my lids and pouted. This is because of Theo, he didn't let me sleep for an entire night, and because of it, I couldn't even listen to my ringtones.

Also! It is almost afternoon and the worst thing is I didn't get any chance to talk with Theo about Kate's offer.

Aghh! Let me call him or go to his office.

"Mam, your juice," Mrs. Smith came with a tray.

Mrs. Smith is my caretaker whom Theo hired. But more than taking care of me, her job is keeping an eye on me. If I even feel dizzy, the next second Theo calls me. And then for an hour, he nags me.

"When did Mr. Martin go?" I took the juice and kept it in the maze.

"Nearly 9:00 a.m and yes mam, he told me that once you wake up, call him," she bowed her head and left from there.

I stood and first freshened up and then swallowed my medicine and drank my juice and was about to dial Theo's number but got Tyler's call.

"Are you going to ditch me?" Tyler asked.

—— locked chapter ——
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