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Chapter 17 No.17
Words Count: 2802    |    Released on:26/01/2022

"Sorry, I know you didn't want to come with me but I didn't consider your opinion," Zach stopped on the way to Kate's car.

"I wanted to interact with you, so I did this," Zach further said. "Are you angry over this?"

"Nothing like that. I was a little nervous," I bit my lips. I wasn't angry but I was offended by him and Kate.

"Why so?" Zach softly said.

"Umm… I was always a bookworm. So, I have a hard time around people," I played with my fingers.

He laughed slightly saying, "No worries. You will be changed in my company and even if you don't change no worries."

I pressed my lips not getting what reply I should give to him. So, I walked saying, "Let's move. We have to buy wine too."

Zach hummed and came behind me. He opened the car's door for me. I smiled inwardly thinking that today for the first time, someone has opened the car's door for me otherwise I thought I will die like a slave only.

"You said that you don't get well around people but how did you become Kate and Tyler's friend? They are lively people," Zach sat in the car and drove from there.

"I don't know. It just happened," I tried to recall how I became friends with them but I couldn't get anything.

"How did you become friends with them? They are so dramatic but you are calm," I again played with my hair and fidgeted my fingers.

I never went out with a guy, I don't know what kind of talk they do. So, I hope I don't make a fool of myself before him.

"I only set Kate with Tyler," Zach grinned.

"You must be joking. Kate and Tyler met in the office, and then they hit on each other," I confidently said.

"Do you think in the huge office anyone has time to hit on each other? Tyler and Kate were my regular clients, also a good friend, and one day Tyler told me that he likes a girl who frequently visits my hotel," Zach told me.

"And then they must have found out that they are in the same office," I laughed and excitedly looked at him.

He hummed saying, "And after that, I began to accompany them slowly they became lovesick puppies while I became bone."

"Wow! I can write a book on them," I happily said.

"You are such a cute kid," Zach giggled.

"I am not," I retorted.

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