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Chapter 16 No.16
Words Count: 1489    |    Released on:26/01/2022

“Zach, Mr. Martin, do you both know each other?” I contour my face and scrunch my nose as I got bored seeing them scowling at each other.

"Very well," Theo gnashed his teeth and gave a cold glare to Zach. I kind of expected Theo getting angry at Zach as he always gives such glare to others but the thing which surprised me was Zach returned the same look to him saying, "I never thought we would ever meet, and that too like this."

"I didn't even think anything about you," Theo shrugged his shoulders and glared at me. I couldn't understand what the problem was and also why Theo was looking at me with a dreadful gaze.

"Sir is everything fine?" I asked but no one paid heed to me. They were busy looking at each other.

What is happening? Would any kind of fight happen here? Gosh! What should I do? Should I stop this? Of course, I have to.

"Zach," I cleared my throat and slightly touched his shoulders.

He looked at me while a muscle in Theo's jaws twitched.

"How do you both know each other? And is everything fine?" I nervously asked.

On the one hand, I am afraid that I am unnecessarily poking my nose but on the other hand, I am curious.

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