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Chapter 4 No.4
Words Count: 1371    |    Released on:26/01/2022

After shopping a lot for Theo, and a little for myself, I reached my flat and threw my body at the soft mattress. He made me run on my toes, sometimes by saying that bring that color tie but at the next second, he screamed to bring it in a different design. Not only this, he even made me pick his underwear.

At that moment, I felt like dying in embarrassment however that man stood with a stern face.

One thing is sure; I am going to need to visit the mental asylum. Goodness! I have health insurance. Although I don't know, mental health covers that or not.

I pressed my lips and snuggled my face in the pillow and closed my eyes thinking about Thoe. He is handsome though he needs to learn manners.

The next morning, I opened my eyes and looked around myself. For some seconds, I went into thoughts and attempted to recall how I am here? Where is my dirty room?

Gosh! I don't have time to think about a dark place or replay tomorrow's events. As I need to run, else I would have to return to my old world.

I stood in the hurry and took my dress and ran into the washroom. Just in 30 minutes, I became ready. Unbelievable? Isn't it?

However, from now onwards I have to become ready like this. I won't get time to choose my dress or apply any makeup as unluckily I have to report at 8:00 a.m and the earliest I can open my eyes is 7:00 a.m.

Don't take me wrong. Who doesn't like their precious sleep? At least I love it. Further, I never had money to buy expensive make-up.

However, it doesn't mean that I belong to a poor family. My family is one of the richest families in Spain but for some reason they hate me. So, I hardly get money to study that too by going on my knees and promising them that I would pay them once I get a job. Surprisingly, they agreed but then when I began to lose my job frequently, they asked me to pay my debt by marrying someone.

After so many pleading, I got three years. So, I mentioned that my life depends on this job, and even if I have to work on my ass, I would do it. As at any cost, I won't lose my job.

I hopped in the cab and put on my earphones. Again, this cab was sent by the company. I can say that Theo is particular about timing. He won't let me give any excuse to him.

Just in 10 minutes, I reached the premises. My eyes glint seeing a huge empire. Yesterday because of my nervousness, I missed the delinquent view.

"Tessa, you can admire this office in the evening. It looks more beautiful but for now, you have to go inside," Lucy said from behind. I looked backward and passed a nervous smile to her.

"Boss asked me to come early, so I could make you understand your work and yes, you have 10 minutes left. Not to mention, sometimes the elevator gets out of work," she gave me nightmares. "I hope you won't mind me calling you from your first name."

"You can call me Tessa," I said.

Though I wanted to show that she depressed me with her prior words, I couldn't do it.

I walked with her. We entered the elevator, I was about to press the 20th-floor button but stopped by her who pressed the 25th-floor button. "Only interviews and conferences happen there. Boss cabin is on the 25th-floor."

"People call that floor lion's den. All get excited to see how that Lion's den looks though they run the next second listening to Lion's roar," Lucy further said.

"Are you scaring me? If you keep going like this, I would get a heart attack," I kept my hands at my chest. She chuckled. "Fine! I won't scare you."

"Though I thought to make you ready, I didn't think that I am freaking you," Lucy added.

I smiled meekly. "Thank you for your concern."

We reached Lion's den. I looked at my watch and sighed seeing the time. 7:58 a.m.

Lucy took me to his cabin. As yesterday she mentioned that Theo's cabin is the most beautiful place in this empire. Indeed she is right.

His cabin's walls were painted in an off-white color, and the front wall was in brown and the same combination was at the ceiling. Led were attached at the brown border and in the corner.

A 3D painting was on the brown wall and on the left side, a window was there. Near the window, his desk and chairs were kept. On the left side, a sofa was there.

My eyes fell at the door which was near the sofa. I looked towards Lucy who was looking for something in his drawer.

"What are you finding? Shall I help you?" I asked.

"I am looking for his charger. He would need as soon as he would come here," she said with a worried expression.

Did I mention that she is in her mid forty? If she wouldn't have at that age then I might have got wrong ideas like there is something brewing between her and Theo.

Although I don't mean, older women can't date younger guys. They can but in Lucy's case, it doesn't feel right.

I stepped forward and began to look for his charger. The second drawer I opened was filled with pen drives and memory cards.

"If you get any pen drive or memory card, keep it in the second drawer. In the third drawer, you have to keep his files. The fourth drawer would have 12 different colored ties. The fifth one would have some laptop and tablets and at last, have nothing," she said.

"Why so? And what is in the first drawer? Also, what is that door? And most importantly, when he comes to the office?" I asked in a single breath.

"So many questions," she shook her head. "If some important file can't be adjusted in the third drawer or if some gifts or cards have come then it will go in that drawer."

"The first drawer has medicines, and spectacles," she added.

"That is his room if sometimes he needs to stay in the office, he sleeps there also he goes there for changing. Though for two months you are not permitted to go there, once you would sign your contract you would get permission to go there," she further said.

I am kind of excited to go into that room.

"And the most important question, when he comes. He comes at sharp 9:50 a.m," she said.

"Before his arrival, you have to prepare his schedule, cross-checking his appointment, keeping his medicines in the tray, arranging the files on which he has to work, mailing about his project details to his team, cleaning his desk, so on," she said.

"Just this?" I muttered.

She laughed listening to my words. "No dear. I have forgotten some stuff. Further, I only told you what you have to do before his arrival, I didn't tell you what you have to do after his arrival."

"A black coffee within 5 minutes of his arrival, then you have to adjust his tie and if he has forgotten to wear then make him remember to wear his tie. Always carry a black tie in your purse as he has a habit to throw a tie in frustration. Most importantly he has high blood pressure so at every hour you have to give him some chocolates to eat," Lucy said with a smile.

"There are more things which you would slowly understand. If you get any doubt, consult me. I will always guide you. As I hope to see you for longer, my burden can get less. Also, I would get a holiday for meeting my daughter. So, please Tessa, don't make any mistakes," she added with a glint of hope.

It seems that more than me, Lucy wants my job to be safe. So, from this moment, I love her.

To be continued.

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