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Chapter 3 No.3
Words Count: 1193    |    Released on:26/01/2022

Ms. Kevin went into thoughts listening to my words.

"Follow me, Ms. Parker," said after some time. I disappointingly hummed and went behind her.

Again, we passed through a beautiful lobby however this time instead of paintings, some beautiful sculpture was kept at some distance.

It seemed this is an arthouse rather than an office. Still, I feel lucky enough to come here. I wish I could work here even after two months.

"Theo is obsessed with arts, so he especially hired some artists to design all this. His cabin is more beautiful than the entire lobby. You will fall in love with that place," Ms. Kevin broke my trances. She must have noticed my admiring gaze.

I hummed. We reached her cabin which was simple yet sober. She went to her seat and took a key from her drawer. "The apartment is nearby itself. I will message you the address."

"And your place is far away then you can do one thing. You could shift at the apartment and after some days when you get time on your hands; you can take your things," she said.

"You can buy some office wear and a pair of casual dress. Those will be enough. You won't even get time to do anything else," she added.

I went in the thoughts. Ms. Kevin's idea is not bad. I can shift to my new place moreover I don't even have many things to carry except my old dresses. However, I don't have enough cash on my hands.

What should I do? Should I use my savings? What about my future? I guess from this moment I should live in the present. Further, by traveling I would waste my money.

Making my mind, I extended my hand and grabbed the keys.

"Sign these papers and submit to HR and once you are done then take tomorrow's schedule from me. Also, I have prepared his diet chart, take that too. And yes, Ms. Parker, don't even be late for a single minute or you will lose your job the next second," she said.

"His diet chart? Why would I have that? Isn't that supposed to be handled by his doctor or some caretaker?" I twisted my lips and furrowed my brows.

"Within a day, you will understand your hectic job," she answered.

I sighed and moved from there.

Did I do right by taking this job? It seems I wouldn't have any personal life. Like I have now?

I don't even have a boyfriend as no one gets interested in me. Perhaps I am the ugliest person on this earth.

However, I don't know what is wrong with my face? I agree I have glasses over my face but I have a good skin tone, long wavy hair, medium height, curvy body then what makes me ugly?

I mentally checked myself and concluded that I don't have money to dress up otherwise I am beautiful.

After filling and signing the papers, I took the schedule and diet chart from Ms. Kevin and then went to the apartment which was at 15 minutes walking distance.

I am kind of excited about the new place as after three years I am moving to a nice place. I don't know how I managed to stay in a single rooftop room where I couldn't even have proper space.

On the other hand, this apartment's hall is itself bigger than mine.

However, this apartment is only for 3 months. After it, I might again get to return my poor life. Let's not worry about that for now as from tomorrow I feel I am going to put my feet in a fire. A single mistake, I would kick out from that beautiful empire.

I sighed and entered the room, my eyes widened seeing the interior. My legs automatically dragged me further.

"Beautiful," only this word escaped from my lips.

It still seems like a dream. How do I suppose to believe that I would be staying in a 3bhk flat? Not only this, it has a balcony from where I can see an entire town.

Also, every essential thing is here. From the kitchen utensils to bathroom slippers. Who provides such luxury? I guess Mr. Martin is so rich. He loves to pamper employees.

Hold on! I should go shopping to buy dresses for myself. And this time, I am going to buy an elegant dress which matches this place.

Thinking that I took my purse and went outside. Not to forget, for the first time in my whole life, I urge to lock the apartment. As before today, I didn't care even if someone came to my place to steal. They would not get anything except some empty bottles.

After 15 minutes of walking, I reached the mall. I adjusted my glasses which were, again and again, coming on my nose. Its frame is loosened, I thought instead of wasting money on it, I should buy some food. So, I never paid attention to my poor glasses.

Nevermind! Once I get my salary I am going to give a treat to my body. For now, I should only pick some dresses and rations.

I entered the clothes section and picked some formal dress. I paid their bills and went towards the shop for a casual dress.

"Excuse me," said the man from my behind.

"Mr. Martin," I muttered and turned towards him.

"Pick a tuxedo and some gifts for me," Theo said in the same stern tone.

"What do you mean?" I confusingly asked.

"Whatever you hear, I mean that only," he answered.

"You signed the papers, isn't it? So from that moment, only you are working for me. Think this is your first task," he added.

"Darn! my shopping. What would I wear tomorrow? It would have been better if I went to my place," I muttered.

"Any problem?" He asked. "If yes, resign."

Fuck! What kind of man is he?

"Follow me, first we will buy gifts and then a tuxedo and at the end, we need to buy some footwear," he added.

I hummed and followed him and kept looking at dresses with my small eyes.

One thing I wished to ask from him. Why is he here? Doesn't he have the office? And if no, he can go to some pub for drinking.

"Ms. Parker, before you I had 15 assistants. I fired 7 within a week as they were so slow and the remaining 8 left on their first day. They couldn't handle the pressure," he turned towards me and held my hand. Due to his sudden swivel, I collided with him. Our face was an inch apart.

"For how many hours or days or months or year, you can work, it is in your hand, so rather than wasting your time behind some thoughts concentrate on your work," he said.

"And yes, Ms. Parker, start running as from tomorrow you have to run a lot," he added and left my hands. He walked away but I stood keeping my hand at my pondering chest.

"What was it?" I muttered and ran towards him.

To be continued.

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