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Chapter 2 No.2
Words Count: 1134    |    Released on:26/01/2022

Tessa's POV

"Ms. Parker, what do you expect from us?" Said the second man.

"To get hired based on my capabilities," I straightforwardly answered.

"Impressive," he said.

"Why do you think that we should hire you, not those who are still in the line? Or those who went with disappointment?" The first man asked.

"I shouldn't comment on those who are still in the queue as they didn't get an opportunity to prove themselves. However, those who came before me were not deserving. They might have better qualifications than me," I was cut by the second man.

"Aren't you overconfident? You don't have a good record. There is not even a single company where you worked for more than 6 months and the previous one, you got fired within a month. Not only this, you are sitting at home for 2 months," he said with insolence.

His words hit my heart and humiliated me a little but I decided to face my failure with a calm face. "I am not overconfident. About concluding, no one could satisfy you all. They couldn't even stay in this room for more than a minute but on the other hand, I am here for more than 5 minutes. You both are still interested in me. At least, 5 times you both went through my job profile. So, I guess I have impressed you both but you don't want to make any mistakes so you are trying to find a nook in me."

"What do you comment on your past job?" The second man asked.

It would be easy if they could have introduced themselves to me. Nevermind, I would continue like this itself.

"I couldn't be dolled up in some attire or flatter my seniors. Also, I thought I should reach higher with my skills rather than a buttering manager. However, my wishes couldn't be fulfilled and I ended up losing my job," I straightforwardly said.

Listening to my answer, not only he but that blonde man who was near the window turned towards me and passed a look to older men. He came near me and grabbed the file from my hand. His facial expressions were blank and his sloe-eyed were at me.

Why does this unusual face seem similar? And why am I getting freaked out? Like he is going to eat me? And most importantly why does it seem I made a mistake by missing my flight.

"What are your highest qualifications?" He asked.

"I did Mba from Spain's institute," I said.

"Work limit?" He asked.

"9 hours," I confusingly answered.

"12 hours shift, no weekend off, a company house so no excuse about the late arrival and the most importantly never say a no to any work even if they are irrelevant to your job," his words confused me more.

"Though there is an 8 hours shift, you need to report 2 hours earlier than reporting time and leave two hours later than others. As an assistant, you would have to do so many things, from running errands to managing my schedule. Most importantly, you would need to accompany me everywhere even to parties," he added.

"I can," I answered with unsureness. However, I still couldn't understand anything. Isn't he supposed to ask some harsh questions? And once all questions finish then they would say that wait for a week, if you get hired, you would get a call.

"Where are the keys to the house where the prior assistant lived," Mr. Martin asked and looked towards those men.

"Ms. Kevin has," the first person answered.

"Ask her to give keys to her," Mr. Martin said.

"Ms. Parker, congratulations. You are hired. Do some paperwork and then from tomorrow you can join us and you can get your apartment keys from Ms. Kevin, the lady who brought you here," the first man said.

No way! They must be kidding. How could I get a job so easily? They didn't even ask scary questions.

"What happened, Ms. Parker? Aren't you happy?" He asked.

"No, I mean I am but it's so sudden. I mean for three years I am trying but I never get to attend such a good interview," I blurted.

"I see. By the way, Ms. Parker, I am Andy Lewis, managing director of this company. The man who is sitting adjacent to me is Mr. John Cameron, the marketing head, and the man who is next to you is Mr. Theo Martin, your new boss," Andy said.

"Thank you," I stood and bowed my head and danced happily in my mind.

"Welcome on the boat. You can sign papers. Go to the receptionist, she will guide you further," John said. I hummed happily and was about to move.

"Hold on! Ms. Parker, don't be so happy. You are just hired but you didn't get a permanent position. To get a permanent position, you have to wait for three months. In these three months, I will monitor your performance and once I would get that you can match my pace then you would get a chance to sign a contract for 3 years. A good deal, is it?" Theo sternly said.

Except for humming, I couldn't do anything. All my dreams which I saw in 2 seconds wiped away listening to his statement. I can again see a rope hanging around my neck.

"Tomorrow, sharp 8:00 am," Theo added.

"How would I? I live far away," I attempted to fight a battle that I already know that I would lose.

Theo walked away without answering anything. Andy and John gave me a sympathetic look. "Young lady, if you wish to get something, you have to struggle."

"Don't lose this opportunity," Andy further said.

John hummed in the response. They both walked away leaving me alone. I looked at my watch. Sharp 8:00 am, which means I have 16 hours. 4 hours, I should exclude traveling.

So, I have an entire 12 hours. Not bad! I can manage as my life depends on it. Without wasting any more minutes, I ran outside ignoring all and reached the reception. "I am Tessa Parker. I am hired as the chief executive's assistant. I asked to complete my paperwork."

She gave me a look and glanced at her colleague. They passed a glimpse to me and then forwarded a file to me.

I adjusted my spectacles and locked the strands behind my ears and extended my hands. They chuckled seeing my uneven nails though they don't know that I have eaten them due to nervousness.

"Ms. Parker, you are already here," Ms. Kevin said from behind. I took the file and turned it towards her. "I am in a hurry. Mr. Martin asked me to reach 8:00 a.m though I live in the countryside."

To be continued.

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