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Falling for the CEO's Game
Falling for the CEO's Game
Author: Anniya
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Chapter 1 No.1
Words Count: 1212    |    Released on:26/01/2022

I entered the elevator and pressed the 20th floor's button. I got extremely nervous as this was the most important day of my life and also my last chance to prove myself. It has been three years since then I am trying my luck in London. I applied to various companies at various positions however at every place I got contract work and once my contract period ended; I couldn't get a chance to renew. Though they made me work on my ass, I did everything. From collecting papers to serving coffee. Yet I couldn't get a permanent position.

Also, their salary was so less as compared to my struggle. I could hardly manage my day-to-day needs. That I couldn't even pay my rent on time though my landlord was a nice lady. She never nagged me; she also provided free food to me.

However, things got ugly when I got fired from my previous company. They gave the excuse that they no longer need me but I know they hired some executive's daughter at a position that too without an interview. I attempted to fight saying I will file a lawsuit against them but no. They only threw restraining orders at my face. And I didn't get enough money to fight with them, so I left bowing my head, and began to apply to the new companies.

2 months passed but there wasn't even a single response. I began to lose hope and thought I should go to Spain but then I can't even go there. If I go there, my family will throw me into a forced marriage. They are already dancing in my head saying that I wouldn't get success so it would be better if I quietly marry someone.

For some past days, I am thinking that perhaps they are right. I should give up on my dream of working as an assistant in a good company and settle down with some guy. I even packed my bags and booked my ticket.

However, a miracle happened. After two months of struggle, I got called by a prestigious company. They liked my resume and were willing to give me a chance. So, I wish to crack this interview and grab the position of assistant.

I reached the 20th floor where the interview is going to be conducted. My eyes widened seeing several people sitting there holding files in their hands.

Are they all for an interview? Now I don't think that I have any chance. It would be better if I ran away to take my flight. At least by doing this, I could save myself from losing the 300 dollars that I spent on booking a ticket.

Don't get me wrong. I have a good qualification. Also, I can bet that I am best among them but I know here too they are going to select the sexiest girl who could please the boss, unlike the girl with glasses who wears two years old sandals and a rented suit. Her hair doesn't even smell nice and her body is not in good shape.

So, I turned my heels and about to go towards the elevator but stopped listening to a girl's words.

"What do they want? They didn't even see my file and asked me to get out."

Listening to her words, I turned my head towards her and checked her from toe to head. She wore a black seductive dress and applied black lipstick and wore severe makeup. She looked breathtaking. Any guy can go gaga over her.

From my experience, I can say that she wasn't here for getting the job on her merit. She must have thought she could get her path by seducing the executive.

So, the rumors are correct about the CEO. He is not only arrogant, handsome, hot but also devoted to working. Further, he doesn't appreciate it if someone makes a move on him. Also, I heard he is a one-woman man. His fiance with whom he was engaged in his high school died two years ago and after that, he didn't hit some girl or went into a relationship.

Then what should I do? Should I take a chance and miss my flight? I looked towards the frown faces of women who were coming out of the room. All were stomping their feet and mumbling under their breath. Here, I wasn't only getting my confidence but also I developed some respect for this company.

"Who is Ms. Parker?" Screamed the woman who was standing holding a register in her hand.

I made my mind and took some steps forward.

"Are you Ms. Parker?" Said that beautiful woman in a calm tone. I hummed and maintained my composure. At least before her, I don't wish to embarrass myself.

"Please follow me," she further said.

We walked through a lobby that had some beautiful portraits. The aura around this lobby was itself great and the lady who was walking ahead of me dressed up in a black coat and white skirt. How sophisticated she looked? And on the other hand, me. I didn't even apply good makeup.

Still, I wish to work here as I am hoping that here all will see my talent rather than my ugly face.

We reached near a cabin. She opened the door for me. I was about to move inside but stopped by her.

"Ms. Parker be real. Don't need to flatter them or else you will also face the back door," she advised me.

"I would, Ms," I passed an awkward smile and looked at her card to read her name.

"Ms. Lucy Kevin. If you get selected then you can call me Lucy," she said.

"Thank you, Ms. Kevin for your great advice. I hope I will get the opportunity to work with you and also to call you by your first name," I again smiled at her. She hummed and showed me the way.

I gathered my courage and walked inside the cabin. Two men were sitting at some distance. Their head was hung and both were tossing the pages. Perhaps they were going through my records. I hope I can impress them.

However, I wish I could look at their faces to analyze what is going on in their mind.

I was about to greet them but my eyes fell at the window. A man with blonde hair was standing there. He was facing his back. My gut feeling said that he is Mr. Martin, CEO of this famous enterprise. Also, he is the heartbeat of several girls.

No, I am not concluding anything based on my gut feeling alone; I heard he is a young man who is in his early thirty, and not to forget he is handsome. And anyone of these men who are at the chair doesn't match the criteria. They both seemed in their early fifty.

"Have a seat," said the first man and lifted his head. His brows furrowed and he immediately passed a glance to another man whose eyes were still at the file.

By his look, I caught off guard. I wished to run from here and save my embarrassing face.

"Shall we begin Ms. Parker?" Said the second older man.

To be continued.

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