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Billionaire's Gorgeous Wife

Billionaire's Gorgeous Wife

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Chapter 1 Betrayal

Word Count: 547    |    Released on: 08/11/2021

r with a gift in her hand. It was a mug she made by herself. In her

thday today, and she pre

asleep now. She wanted to see him in sleep. It h

ce suddenly came out, "Kevin, are you really goi

her fiancé, Kevin, and her stepsister, Ta

ge would she give me the ring passed

ter getting what you want?" Tam

than a divorced wife, I

led, "You

it?" He asked in

was another ro


on the floor. In a fluster, she steered the w

umped off the bed, wrapped a towel around his lower

k so suddenly?" H

miss the great show?" Maggie

le anxious. His plan almost succeeded,

leg, Maggie didn't have much strength. Being p

"Sis, this is my fault, don't blame Kevin. I just want to be hi

ost broke down and screamed, "Let g

ed Tami, leaving five finge

t?" Kevin looked at T

hook h

s not for your mother's legacy, how would I want to marry you? Look at you, you only have one leg. If we get married, how do you thi

this when I tried to save you.

ed me, do you think I would like to lo

tears. Only God knew how much s



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Chapter 23 Excessive Attention to Plaything Saps Her Will
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Chapter 28 She Is Also Good At Being Pathetic
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Chapter 32 Her Sadness Is True
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Chapter 34 Uncle Really Dotes on the Second Cousin
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Chapter 36 Propose
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Chapter 38 Want Rebates or the Whole Company
Chapter 39 Ask Him for Help
Chapter 40 My name is Tris
Chapter 41 My Wife Wanted To Spoil Me. I Could Do Nothing about It
Chapter 42 Cindy
Chapter 43 Prepare for daughter-in-law
Chapter 44 The Mysterious Designer
Chapter 45 Third Master bought them for you
Chapter 46 This Is My Boyfriend
Chapter 47 This man was okay, but not rich enough
Chapter 48 Cancel the engagement
Chapter 49 Sell Your Daughter Once More
Chapter 50 Am I your biological daughter or not
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Chapter 52 How about getting Tami engaged to Kevin Brown
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Chapter 54 More gifted than Mom
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Chapter 56 A Karaoke Encounter
Chapter 57 Beating someone up
Chapter 58 Check the surveillance
Chapter 59 Are you okay
Chapter 60 Mama had paid her debt of gratitude, and I would do mine
Chapter 61 Find them some lawsuits to be busy with
Chapter 62 Settle it openly or quietly
Chapter 63 Let Jasmine Moore testify.
Chapter 64 I'll sue him for rape.
Chapter 65 Director-General Harris
Chapter 66 We have to take over Dad's connections
Chapter 67 Bitter melon tastes good too
Chapter 68 Are you soliciting here
Chapter 69 Have you gone too far into the game
Chapter 70 You're the one who's got lousy upbringing.
Chapter 71 The Lee Family Banquet (1)
Chapter 72 The Lee Family Banquet (2)
Chapter 73 The Lee Family Banquet (3)
Chapter 74 The Lin Family Banquet (4)
Chapter 75 The Lee Family's Banquet (5)
Chapter 76 The Lee Family Banquet (6)
Chapter 77 The Lee Family Banquet (7)
Chapter 78 The Lee Family's Banquet (8)
Chapter 79 The Lee Family's Banquet (9)
Chapter 80 The Lee Family's Banquet (10)
Chapter 81 Meet your current boyfriend.
Chapter 82 Since it's a man, you need to outdo him.
Chapter 83 Maggie is an idiot
Chapter 84 I'm just her Tris
Chapter 85 It's warmer in my arms.
Chapter 86 Is that your upbringing
Chapter 87 Invitation
Chapter 88 I'm not going.
Chapter 89 This is awesome.
Chapter 90 Worship
Chapter 91 Engagement Banquet (1)
Chapter 92 Engagement Banquet (2)
Chapter 93 Estrangement
Chapter 94 Meeting an acquaintance again
Chapter 95 I'm not gonna be there.
Chapter 96 Brother-in-law, you should call me sister.
Chapter 97 A game of Go chess
Chapter 98 Tami's design style had suddenly changed
Chapter 99 Tami's exhibit was missing
Chapter 100 Wrongly accused
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