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Chapter 1 Mirror
1007    |    23/10/2021

I reached the evening together my classmates at the end of our trigonometry project. It was past 8:30, and it was close to nine o'clock, so we might still have curfew on the road. Fortunately, Roseann took us home: Noel, Carlito, Bojo and Ava.

We turned the other corner while Roseann went straight to the other corner when the streetlight suddenly turned off and the dogs tied outside a bungalow-type house near my grandmother's house barked loudly. .

“AwoooOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!”

Simultaneously the dogs barked around, did not dance and almost broke the cords around their necks especially when they noticed our presence. I think we were even mistaken for house-climbing gangs and still wanted to bite us.

“Oh, Lea, we're ahead of you. My brother texted me that Mama was looking for me. ” Noel was still moaning a bit as he was uncomfortable with his position. I kept thinking he was afraid of being bitten by a dog or afraid of seeing a ghost?

"Ah me too," Ava replied.

“Yeah we are too. I'm sorry." Carlito and Bojo responded at the same time. I could feel their voices trembling.

I just frowned to one side.

“Hmptt !! Alright. Be careful when you go home. ” I said.

“Awoooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly the streetlight blew hard and killed the light again.

Then, I just heard the four of them running away from where I was standing.

Turns out, they were gone.

“You are all chicken cowards. ” I shout. I was so annoyed.

I just faced the two corners before reaching our house. The streetlights at every corner were dark and there were no people on the road, so I just accelerated my walk, so I just confessed to my grandmother's house when the light suddenly turned on in front of her.

She called me.

“Grand daughter, come quickly, I have a lot of picked chicos. You bring it with your mother and father. ” My grandmother was overjoyed as she gestured to the ken.

I was glad that even before, I was overwhelmed by fear.

Grandma is kind and thoughtful, so I couldn't stop her and I obey her especially from eating ripe chicos, and he even remembered that I would give mother and father fresh fruits.

I entered the gate and was startled by the colorful roses, chicory trees and other medicinal plants in her yard. But as I looked away, I noticed that she had disappeared from the balcony. Maybe she didn't wait for me anymore, so I went inside the house.

"Grandma?" I called her to the whole household suddenly…


The electricity went out.

There was still no moon that night.

Darkness reigned all around. The fear I had felt before flashed through my mind again. It's as if someone tripped me up to scare me, so he thought of this prank.

But I took it out of my mind, maybe the po

wer cord is being repaired, so it's brownout. I took another step when suddenly I stepped on something slippery.

"Argh !!!!"

And there I was out of balance until I stumbled. I fell on the floor and almost drowned my face thankfully new floor wax.

I slowly got up even though I was a little hurt. By the way, I stepped on chico. What misfortune did I have today? I need to talk to Grandma, so I can say goodbye and go home. I'm definitely looking for someone in our house.

“Grandma? Grandma, I'm going home. ”

"Grandma?" I stand. I noticed on Grandma's dining table a long candle with light on the saucer. Next to it is a book.

I thought maybe Grandma put that, but where is she?

I looked around, but there was not a single bulk moving anywhere in the corner. Furthermore, I went to the left where her room was, but grandma was not there as well as in the CR and kitchen.

Where is Grandma? Did I just get distracted before? I asked myself as I stood near the long table.

There was no wind around, the crickets were chirping and the windows in the living room were open but all her belongings were neatly placed in her hiding places.

There are no thieves.

I looked at the candle on the table and a book on the table. The book is a bit old but not dusty. I tried to read its cover.

Phantom Evening

Suddenly my nape hairs rose, and my head seemed to grow. I sat down properly and opened the book.

Exactly when I opened it, my attention to the content was aroused.


To obtain the request of the heart, look in the mirror and there you can see the love you dream of.

Eternal love with the man of your dreams. This is the fairytale-like belief of teenagers like me. But of course I also want to experience being in love and be loved that way.

Honestly, I want to be like my mom. Her first and last love are none other than Papa. It's hard to follow like that, but I think it's also a mystery of love.

So here I am carrying a lighted candle with my cousin Janna. We are currently facing the mirror. We bravely tampered with Aunt Aurea's love spell book in case the magic it brings is effective so that I can see my prince charming in front of the mirror.

“I’m so excited. Hopefully we can see Patrick in the mirror. Handsome !!! Haha, ” replied my K-pop Fanatic cousin.

"Ah, Patrick is your campus crush?" I will ask.

Janna blushed with excitement when she agreed to my question.

I assume that she really admire him because of his good-looking appearance.

I took a deep breath and began to recite the oration.

“Mirror… .mirror! Show me the lucky man who will love, and I will be with you forever. ”

I repeated the oration but to no avail. Nothing comes out of the mirror.

But I did not despair. I repeated the prayer.

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